Richard Esling

RICHARD ESLING: Everything’s coming up rosés

By all accounts, summer’s officially here this week on June 21.

Steven Spurrier MW and Eduardo Chadwick

RICHARD ESLING: Fine wine regions of the future

The term ‘fine wine’ is well established, referring to those wines that are a ‘cut above’ the more everyday type and perhaps also carrying a higher price tag.

The Arundel Wine Society supper at Nutbourne Vineyard

RICHARD ESLING: English wine-makers must be nutty

England is on the extreme edge of the climatic area of the Northern hemisphere, where wine grapes can be grown successfully.

Inside the winery at Ridgeview Estate

RICHARD ESLING: Wine tourism comes to Sussex

For those of us fortunate enough to live in the beautiful, sunny counties of Sussex, it is impossible not to be impressed by the number of vineyards popping-up at what seems to be ever-increasing speed.

Chardonnays from around the Globe SUS-180521-164230001

Reassessing a misunderstood wine

Chardonnay is perhaps one of the most mis-understood of all wines, which is somewhat ironic as it is produced in virtually every wine-making region of the world.

The new and the old ' stainless steel versus terracotta

RICHARD ESLING: The wine world continues to change

There is an old French saying that goes: “Plus ca change, plus c’est la même chose.”

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Frost prevention Bougies lit at the snow covered Ridgeview Wine Estate. Picture by Julia Claxton.

RICHARD ESLING: Sixty-year low for world wine production

Figures published recently by the International Organisation for Vines and Wine (OIV), show a massive drop in production in 2017, with world production down by over eight percent.

A selection of fine Cremant French sparkling wines

RICHARD ESLING: French sparklers on the up

If you want to drink really cheap fizz, then in the UK I’m afraid you are stuck with prosecco. But who does?

Earth's Essence wines from South Africa

RICHARD ESLING: South Africa produces new innovative wines

There are two little words printed on the labels of all bottles of wine – ‘contains sulphites’.

Malbec in all its colours

RICHARD ESLING: Malbec needs just the right conditions

‘Bordeaux inhabitant finds new home in South America.’ This could have been a headline in the mid 19th century when people from many European countries were flocking to the New World to take advantage of the opportunities there.

An example of what I look for when it comes to good quality wine

RICHARD ESLING: Vigilant inspectors control the authenticity of wine

Regrettably, criminal elements are present in all industries at one time or another and the wine industry is by no means exempt from this phenomenon.

Andy Heggadon (left) and a wine waiter preparing the wines

RICHARD ESLING: Arundel Wine Society celebrates fifth birthday

As the world of wine seemingly gets more complex and confusing day by day, particularly in this country which imports wine from every conceivable wine producing region of the planet, wine education of one sort or another is becoming ever more popular.

Sancerre from Domaine Michel Thomas

RICHARD ESLING: Try the elegant wines of Sancerre this Easter

The Christmas festivities are now but a fading memory, we’ve done battle with the ‘Beast from the East’, the daffodils are well and truly out and the buds are beginning to burst

Spring whites ' ready chilled

RICHARD ESLING: Fresh white wines to herald the spring

Although it may not have seemed like it last weekend, or even the beginning of this week, spring is officially here.

Eighty-year-old vines in Sierra de Salamanca

RICHARD ESLING: Look out for the delicious new Spanish wines

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about a group of very authentic Spanish restaurants in London called Iberica, well worth a visit when you’re up in town.

Chiara Condello in the cellars at Borgo Conde

RICHARD ESLING: Raising a glass to women in wine

Did it all start with Madame Clicquot?

Alsace Grand Cru wines

RICHARD ESLING: Don’t overlook the expressive wines of Alsace

One of the most Northerly Wine Regions in Europe is the Alsace, situated in France at the foot of the Vosges mountains.

Ib�rica Restaurant, Marylebone

RICHARD ESLING: An authentic Spanish experience on your doorstep

The hubbub of the busy tapas bar surrounded me in a friendly atmosphere, as I sipped a top quality bone-dry manzanilla sherry, accompanied by the best Iberico ham that money can buy, freshly cut in front of me.

Only pink champagne will do for a very romantic evening

RICHARD ESLING: Pink champagne to fuel your passion

Despite the best efforts of our dear American President to convince us otherwise, ‘Fake Noos’ may not be such a new thing. When it comes to Saint Valentine and the origins of this much celebrated day of romanticism, there is much controversy as to its origins.

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Top of the Range Cremant de Bourgogne

RICHARD ESLING: Burgundy not only shines but it sparkles too

There are two great wine regions of the world which vie with each other for first place in the World Wine Stakes.

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