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The selling of commercial property isn’t a new proposition but today, in the market climate in which we find ourselves, the number of disposals of sites is increasing.

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Thursday, 16th July 2020, 12:00 am
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With the media hot on the topic that a market crash is just around the corner, company owners are acting as they see best.

This is the route taken by the owner of a site in Horley, just next to the country’s second-biggest airport.

Our client chose to sell his family business, which leased construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment. Gatwick Airport was a main contributor to the company’s income.

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Having been in the family for many years, and having formerly traded as a blacksmiths, it was time the business was sold and the opening of new doors could begin.

After social media marketing of the site, many people in the local area have expressed concern about the selling of a local business. But we must remember that every individual, each business owner and every developer will take actions which they deem right for themselves, their families and their livelihoods.

With Gatwick Airport still only offering extremely limited flights, thousands of companies have been affected in the area and are exploring new options and opportunities to stay afloat until the economy picks up.

Connect UK’s Christopher Penfold said: “Living close to the airport ourselves and having our office based only a 10-minute drive from Gatwick, Connect UK understands the impact on local business-owners at this time.

"This enables us to work even harder to ensure that anyone who looks to sell through Connect UK Disposals will achieve a maximum price in the shortest possible time.”

In a world where spare time is applauded and appreciated, Connect UK Disposal and Acquisitions highlights bespoke opportunities for our retained investor/developer clients.

This is an advantage to you, as the seller, plus our expert knowledge and experience, has enabled us to develop an extensive bank of trusted and active investors.

If you have a commercial building or land site you wish to sell, our Connect UK disposal team can offer it immediately to our many retained investors/developers, before offering it on to the open market.

This gives your property or/and land immediate exposure to a captive and active audience. Find out more about selling your commercial property or land here or call 01293 665643 today.