Horley business will bring freshly made cocktails to your door

A new cocktail delivery service based in Horley is planning to bring a taste of the islands to your doorstep.

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 2:00 pm

Tropical Bliss aims to offer crafted pre-mixed bottled cocktails using fresh ingredients, high quality spirits and house-made infusions.

You can enjoy familiar favourites and discover new flavours all in the comfort of your own home.

The service offers 18 flavours including the Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Espresso Bongo, Passion Fruit Martini, Prickly Pear Margarita, Jungle Bird and Tropical Old Fashioned.

Creator of Tropical Bliss, David Downes. Picture courtesy of David Downes

The cocktails are hand delivered fresh and chilled ready for you to shake, pour and enjoy, and arrive with garnishes and serving instructions.

David Downes, the creator of Tropical Blissa, said. "I’d always had the idea in the back of my head about turning my cocktail passion into a business but it didn’t really seem possible until now. So now I’ve finally put my ideas and dreams into reality and created Tropical Bliss.

"Our goal is simple. We want customers to have a memorable experience that our exotic flavours will spark, of which will evoke being whisked away to a tropical island and we know that to make a great craft cocktail, fresh ingredients and house-made infusions are the key.”

“For all of those people who are passionate about tropical cocktails, or who cannot get to their favourite local cocktail bar, or who enjoy entertaining their friends or family in the comfort of their own home but limited choice means choosing to buy cheap artificial imitations or they simply don’t have the time or cost to invest in buying big bottles of spirits and lots of different ingredients.

"We make fresh exotic craft cocktails more accessible for all those people.”

For more information visit tropicalbliss.co.uk