Property agents: Can you offer your clients more?

While auctions have been around for centuries, they have always been seen to having a separate target market to that of estate agent sales. And to an extent, this is correct.

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Tuesday, 31st March 2020, 5:33 pm
Robert Jenkins, director of Connect UK Auctions

However, around 20 per cent of residential sales seen to be going through the private treaty route are in fact, perfect for the auction route.

This isn’t a new proposition, however, there is still immense opportunity here for a vast number of estate agents in the market today.

Fear not, as an auction house we are not looking to take away business form you. Primarily, we form a partnership.

Robert Jenkins, director of Connect UK Auctions, said: “Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you.”

Types of property generally instructed through partners include short lease property, run-down property, probate property or property whereby the agent is about to be dis-instructed and auction becomes a viable option.

Mr Jenkins said: “Being preconceived beings we all want the sale for ourselves, of course, meanwhile wanting to, simultaneously, offer our clients options. Auction partnership is a mutually beneficial agreement that proves in the best interest of all three parties.”

The competition today is strong and in today’s market estate agents are constantly looking for ways that set themselves aside from others and by becoming open to new opportunities like this one is an avenue that should be explored by all.


That being said there are many agents that are still reluctant to exploring a partnership any further.

All kinds of property are sold via auction and depending on the background of the property if the vendor has experienced fall throughs, long negotiation processes and months and months of waiting the motivation to sell becomes desperate.

This is the point the partner agent steps in. Is the property right for auction? Even a consultation from the auction house with the vendor can conclude whether auction is the right option for all parties.

By allowing this you have opened a new door for the vendor.


Selling through auction provides security.

With immediate exchange on the fall of the gavel and completion as fast as 28 days later, a service that eliminates the doubts of fall-throughs and chains and the auction route therefore, becomes intriguing.

By offering this service the vendor is shown that you as the agent are doing all you can for them and the negative process becomes, again, a positive one.

Connect Realtime is a strategy offered by Connect UK Auction, who is the only auction house in the UK to do so.

You can book a holiday, apply for a job and even open a bank account using your phone.

So why not buy property, from any corner of the world, against auction room bidders?

Connect Realtime has allowed one to bid on any lot, as the auction unfolds, live, in real-time.

Viewers can watch every auction, from their chosen device, streamed directly from our website and bid against other buyers at their convenience.

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The agent eliminates the risk of being dis-instructed and also retains their vendor’s faith from having explored and offered the auction route through their new partnership.

The vendor’s sale completes. The auction house concludes the sale.

The agent still receives their commission, generally higher than that the buyer would have paid initially.

Not only this but auction houses such as Connect UK Auctions, market their partner agents through their website as part of their service.

What to do next?

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