TV auctioneer to head up new property auction streaming service by Crawley firm

A Crawley auction house has launched a new online bidding platform dubbed the 'QVC equivalent,' of the auction world.

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Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 9:28 am
Connect Realtime will now stream auctions online

And it will be presented by BBC and Channel 4 auctioneer and antique expert Adam Partridge.

Property and land auctioneers Connect UK Auctions has launched Connect Realtime, allowing bids on property from your mobile phone.

Mr Partridge said: “I am thrilled to work with the Connect UK Auctions team and can say I am extremely excited to move forward with the times as they introduce this, never seen before, interactive experience. The concept is a great one I believe this is really the start of something wonderful.”

Adam Partridge will present the auctions

Viewers will be able to watch every auction from their chosen device, streamed directly from the website and bid against other buyers at their convenience.

All lots will be introduced and sold via the traditional method of auction but they will be marketed to thousands of potential buyers across the UK and worldwide.

The idea was to bring the 'auction world' to meet the needs of modern-day, sellers and purchasers.

Robert Jenkins, director of Connect UK Auctions, said: “We have the presence, expertise and can offer resources no other property auctioneer can.

“As a company, we have seen an enormous rise in the popularity of both residential and commercial properties selling at auction.”

He added: "The belief that a property is sold at auction only if it is distressed is no longer the case. Our clients are now driven by the need for convenience and time saving, which is supplied through property auctions. Selling through an estate agent can involve very lengthy and complicated chains. On average, in the UK, 35 percent of sales fall through, causing enormous stress and financial cost to both vendor and purchaser.

"Selling at auction gives our clients peace of mind. With the fall of the gavel, exchange of contracts is immediate with completion generally 28 days thereafter."

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