A-levels: St Wilfrid's celebrates students excellent grades and results

The students of St Wilfrid’s are quite rightly receiving some excellent grades this morning (August 10).

Tuesday, 10th August 2021, 11:31 am

Due to the cancellation of public examinations, the grades submitted by their teachers to the exam boards were based on evidence acquired through a range of internal school assessments, all of which have been quality assured in line with guidance from the examination boards.

Only yesterday, the Head of the Exams Regulator (OfQual) stated that that teacher-assessment grades were 'likely to give a much more accurate' reflection of students’ capabilities than exams.

No matter from what school, each and every student receiving their results this morning should be proud of their efforts and of how they have coped with the changes to their education and society as a whole over these last eighteen months.

Exam results

Their grades reflect their hard work and resilience together with the dedicated commitment of staff and the support of their families across the town.

Michael Ferry, headteacher at St Wilfrid's, said: “I am proud that at St Wilfrid’s we continue our commitment to the holistic development of each student and that through offering a broad and balanced curriculum we give each student the opportunity to maximise their progress in subjects which they are passionate about.

"The grades they are receiving today are evidence of that.

"Today is a day to celebrate success. What students are receiving today is a measure of their hard work and application in difficult circumstances over a long period of time, and they are very well earned.”

St Wilfrid’s has again continued its tradition of seeing a significant number of students receiving at least one grade A at A-level or Distinction in BTEC, and achieving the level of qualifications which will allow them to follow their chosen courses at university or to go on to an apprenticeship.

St Wilfird's had some stand out achievements from students who have achieved 3 A grades (or BTEC equivalent) or better:

A*A*A*: Adam Smith Carretero, Aoife O’Driscoll

A*A*A: Shannon Mackey, Niall O’Mara

A*A A: Thomas Draddy, Katie Butler, Lauren Mackey, Holly Judson, Harriet Burrows

A A A: Amy Adams, Zuzanna Chojecka, Brian Da Silva Pestana, Neha Gill, Roshan Jose, Amardeep Mann, Tia Porter

Michael added: "Congratulations to all of our students, we wish them well as they move into the next phase of their education or training.

"As they move on to the next phase of their lives it is important that no matter what grades they have received, that they remember that they are not defined by them; each and every young person has much to offer and we wish them every success and happiness."