Crawley fostering agency announces charity partnership to improve lives of children and young people

A fostering agency in Crawley is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with the education charity, Award Scheme Development Accreditation Network (ASDAN), to help improve the lives of looked after children and young people.

Friday, 4th June 2021, 4:24 pm
Updated Friday, 4th June 2021, 4:26 pm

According to the Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, children and young people in foster care are more likely than non-foster care children to miss school, have either special educational needs (SEN) or experienced past distressing life events, which in turn causing them not to finish their education.

Tackling this issue head-on during the coronavirus pandemic, Orange Grove Fostercare has partnered with ASDAN with the aim and determination to help provide young people with the skillsets for work and life outside of care.

At the centre of the program is Orange Grove’s very own experienced foster parent, Sarah Lambkin, who is taking the role of the support lead for the ASDAN course.

Orange Grove Fostercare has partnered with ASDAN with the aim and determination to help provide young people with the skillsets for work and life outside of care

She said: “We’re committed to achieving better outcomes for children and young people and we hope that through the ASDAN courses, children in our care are able to prepare for their future in a fun and interactive way.”

Alongside this partnership, Orange Grove is proud to announce its West Sussex base is now a certified ASDAN centre.

Together this partnership will offer children and young people a range of curriculum development courses to enrich their lives.

While the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the routines of many children and young people in care, Orange Grove is ensuring no one is left in the dark.

Many young people within foster care have more than likely never been given the opportunity to harness the basic life skills due to unstable home environments.

James McGarrigle, registered manager at Orange Grove Foster Care, added: “‘We continually strive to support the children in Orange Grove to the best of our abilities.

“This often means looking at creative ways in which we can accomplish this.

"By tapping into the ASDAN resources, we are hoping to provide another layer of service for our children and young people.

"With the resources available, children and young people can learn, grow and further prepare themselves for the future.”

ASDAN presents a number of accredited and unaccredited programmes that can transform lives, presenting young people and SEN individuals with engaging programmes that equip them with transferrable and life-enhancing skills.

ASDAN also offer more vocational based courses, which can be used to support young people of all abilities.

There are over 30 short courses available, and some of these can be achieved as part of a child’s regular activities, e.g. Sport, football, gardening.

Orange Grove is now offering its looked after children the opportunity to take part in ASDAN’s Living Independently Short Course.

The course includes how to earn and keep track of money, finding a place of their own, cooking skills, health and wellbeing and career management, ultimately learning how to transition from education to adulthood.

Orange Grove Foster Care is an independent fostering agency that currently takes care of over 400 children across the South East, Midlands, North West and Yorkshire.

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