GCSEs: Best results in Oakmeeds’ history


Staff and students at Oakmeeds Community College are celebrating the best GCSE results in the school’s history.

Some 75 per cent of students earned five or more A- C grades, including maths and English – a massive 14 per cent rise on last year’s results.



Oakmeeds also recorded a score of +0.14 on the new Progress 8 performance scale, which measures the progress made by children between the time they leave primary school and the time they finish Year 11.

The baseline requirement for Progress 8 is a score of -0.5, so a score of +0.14 would tell the government children at Oakmeeds had made progress in excess of national expectations during their time at the school.

More about Progress 8.

Oakmeeds saw a big improvement in the number of students getting the higher A and A* grades. In maths, 82 per cent earned at least a C, while 82 per cent got the pass standard and above in English.

A total of 78 per cent earned a C or higher in both maths and English.

A school spokesman said: “There are so many fantastic stories but some students deserving of special mention are Timmy Hawes who got 8 A*s and 2 As, Jess Campion who got 7 A*s and 3 As, Ethan Roberts who got 6 A*s and 5 As and Tom Jones who got 6 A*s and 4 As.

“Well done to the class of 2016 and their dedicated and hardworking staff.

“These results show what our students are really capable of and represent a great platform for the future success of the school.”

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