GCSEs: Head’s delight as Sackville soars

Sackville headteacher Julian Grant
Sackville headteacher Julian Grant

Sackville School has followed last week’s excellent A-level results with some equally good GCSEs.

Three-quarters of all results at the school in East Grinstead earned a C grade or higher – and Sackville received a score of +0.52 on the new Progress 8 scale.

This means students not only met their set targets but exceeded at least half of them by one grade.

Progress 8 is the government’s new way of measuring the progress made by pupils from the end of primary school to the end of secondary school.

More about Progress 8.

Headteacher Julian Grant reported more than 75 per cent of students gained C or higher in both maths and English, which far outstrips national figures.

He added: “There are so many strong achievements to note and we would like to give particular mention to two groups of students: those who attained the very highest grades and those who achieved the strongest progress, both of which are equally impressive.”

Congratulations went to:

Rosy Napper (11A*, 2A),

Oliver Blackman (6A*, 4A),

Christopher Stuart (5A*, 5A),

Alistair Smith (4A*, 8A),

Andrew Huggett (4A*, 6A)

Erin Dearlove (3A*, 7A).

Also Christopher Oglethorpe, Danny Vater, Ciaran O’Callaghan, Cameron Toogood, Isobel Booker and Adam Kelly who achieved the very highest progress.

Mr Grant added: “I have massive respect and admiration for the students in this year group who worked so hard and were supported so well by their parents: congratulations everyone!

“Together with the input of the dedicated and skilled staff here, they have achieved an outstanding set of results.

“It is particularly pleasing to see the fine new Progress 8 value added score achieved by the school, which measures the progressional success of each and every student.

“It is the best progress we have ever achieved and another exceptional year for Sackville.”

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