GCSEs: Impressive progress from Hazelwick students


A delighted headteacher has said her students should be “immensely proud” of their GCSE achievements.

Ann Fearon, of Hazelwick, announced 70 per cent of all grades were A*-C and 19 per cent of those grades were at the top A* or A.



The percentage of students achieving A*-C in English and maths rose to 68 per cent, compared to 59 per cent last year.

There was a slight drop in the percentage of students earning five or more A*-C grades, including English and maths – 58 per cent compared to 59 per cent last year.

In science, 72 per cent achieved at least two A*-C grades – with 54 students achieving three separate science A*-C grades. In history and geography 72 per cent of students achieved GCSE A*-C grades.

When it came to the progress made by the students, 78 per cent were making the expected strides in English – the same as last year – and there was a rise on the numbers making the expected progress in maths; up to 71 per cent from 68 per cent.



When it came to the star performers, 45 students achieved five or more A/A* grades, with 14 of them scoring at least four straight A*s.

Two students scored 6 A* grades, two achieved 7 A*s, three scored 8 A*s and one achieved a highly impressive clean sweep of 9 A* grades.

Ms Fearon said: “Our students should be immensely proud of their achievements and I congratulate them.

“I would also like to congratulate Hazelwick staff and parents for the fantastic support provided for our students.

“Hazelwick School is a school to be proud of. We are ambitious for our students and that ambition is making a positive difference to their futures.”

Hazelwick recorded an impressive score on the government’s new Progress 8 scale – the new way of measuring how much progress children make between the end of primary school and the end of Year 11.

The baseline requirement for Progress 8 is a score of -0.5.

Anything from zero and higher shows a school has performed particularly well. Anything below the baseline would trigger an Ofsted inspection.

Hazelwick’s score of +0.43 tells the government children have made progress well in excess of national expectations during their time at the school.

More about Progress 8.

Chair of governors Wendy Stanford added: “These results complete another great year for the school.

“When added to the school’s excellent performance at A-level this year, they confirm Hazelwick’s commitment to achieving academic success at all levels.

“I’m so proud of the hard work and dedication that has gone into ensuring that Hazelwick students are well prepared for their futures, whichever path they choose to follow.”

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