Horsham surgery books and jabs 438 people in just 12 hours.

After being given one day to use a batch of Covid vaccines a Horsham surgery booked and jabbed more than 400 people in just 12 hours.

Friday, 5th February 2021, 3:05 pm

Horsham Primary Care Network, which is made up of Park Surgery, Holbrook Surgery, Orchard Surgery and Riverside Medical Practice, said they were given a batch of 438 Pfizer vaccines with just 24 hours to use them.

A spokesman added: “In the space of 12 hours, we called, booked and vaccinated 438 patients who were all too happy to be called and come down with a moment’s notice.

“Their brilliant spirits lifted the whole clinic and we were humbled to be able to deliver this service to them.”

Lois Sheldon, practice nurse at Park Surgery GdUldU_DWd0kYyEiO6XA

The team is on track to have delivered 176 vaccines to our house-bound patients by the end of today, February 5.

The spokesman said: “We have still been delivering our core services across the four practices to ensure that we meet the care needs of all of our patients.”