Crawley dad who turned his life around through fitness on a mission to help others

Ben Hulme
Ben Hulme

Weighing 17 and a half stone Ben Hulme knew something had to dramatically change to improve his lifestyle.

But when he became a single dad to his two daughters it gave him the push he needed.

Ben before and after his weight loss

Ben before and after his weight loss

“I was on antidepressants and had stomach acid tablets and I knew I had to do something for my kids,” he says.

Over two years he lost five and a half stone, and went on to become a certified Level 2 gym instructor and a Level 3 personal trainer in April last year.

“When the girls came to live with me I wanted to improve my fitness and nutrition but I also needed a job that would mean I could be there for school pick ups and drop offs,” he explains.

“I knew a 9-5 job wouldn’t work.”

Ben and his daughters

Ben and his daughters

As a qualified personal trainer he went to Tulley’s Farm with the idea of doing a boot camp.

“Since we launched in May 2018 it has grown and grown. The first one had 15 people then 20 to 40,” he enthuses.

“One of the last ones we had 98 people in one day, 24 in the morning and 74 in the evening.”

The boot camps have ten different stations with about eight people per workout, one of Ben’s favourites is the dance station.

“It is great to see people raving at Tulley’s Farm,” he laughs.

Ben’s outlook on life and fitness is infectious.

“My passion isn’t about making money but helping people. My aim is to help a million people lead healthier lives and enjoy it.”

Alongside the boot camps, Ben has two books published this year including Game Changer, a guide for mindset and body transformation, which was released in May.

“You have to take opportunities as they come,” he says.

“About ten years ago I broke my neck in a car accident, I was a passenger in a car which hit a tree.

“I had to have six hours worth of surgery which involved bones from my hip and metal plates and pins.

“Afterwards the neurosurgeon told me he had seen people die or be paralysed with injuries less than mine so it was a miracle I was alive.

“I went from a quite horrific time where my health and diet was an issue and I was depressed to now being the most amazing time where I am able to help people.”

Since qualifying last year Ben says he has done more than 5000 individual boot camp sessions, had more than 1500 clients and created two fitness festivals plus HIIT Parties.

“It has been overwhelming and amazing, but everyone has been so supportive, I do run on adrenaline and will be working at 2am around the girls.

“I have failed and failed and failed but I think it is from the failures that you learn from.”

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