Diabetes UK event at Crawley Mosque urges people to learn their risk of Type 2 diabetes

Crawley Mosque will be holding a diabetes awareness event.
Crawley Mosque will be holding a diabetes awareness event.

Diabetes UK is running an event at Crawley Mosque on Friday, July 19 to help people find out about the risks of Type 2 diabetes, and ways to minimise their chances of developing it.

The free event is open to everyone, however because Type 2 diabetes is two to four times more likely in people of South Asian, African-Caribbean, and Black African descent people of these ethnicities are especially encouraged to attend.

Chairman of the mosque and lay member for Patient and Public Engagement at Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group, Arif Syed, said: “I invited Diabetes UK to come along to the mosque to hold the event in order to raise awareness about diabetes among the local community.

"This is an important event for people in the area to attend and assess their risk of Type 2 diabetes. We hope there will be a good turnout to the event as it’s taking place during Friday prayers.”

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Arif was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes two years ago, joining the 90 per cent of 450,000 people across the south east with the same condition.

People with Type 2 diabetes don't produce enough insulin, and sometimes the insulin they do produce does not work properly. Other risk factors include being overweight, family history, and being over the age of 25, and often there can be no signs of it.

Regional head for Diabetes UK in the South East, Jill Steaton, said: “Unless we act, and urgently, diabetes prevalence will continue to rise.

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The ‘Know Your Risk’ event takes place on Friday 19 July at Crawley (Broadfield) Mosque, from 1-3pm.

To find out more about Diabetes UK's ‘Know Your Risk’ online tool, please visit http://riskscore.diabetes.org.uk/start.