Face masks to return on public transport and in shops: Here is what our readers think of the new rules

In light of the recent government announcement, face masks will be made mandatory for people using public transport and shops.

Monday, 29th November 2021, 5:05 pm
Boris Johnson with his face mask

With this in mind, we wanted to know what our readers thought of this decision and how it will affect Crawley.

As always, our readers responded to our call and were on hand to give their opinions on the matter at hand.

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There was an overwhelming response and the majority of our readers said that they have never stopped wearing a mask.

This is a promising sign that the people of Crawley are doing their part to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Here are some other comments which we would like to share:

Gill Bale: “Have never stopped. I have Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia so I have to protect myself as much as possible.”

Yvonne Swann: “Never stopped in public places and always carry hand sanitizer“.

Dawn Corrie: “I did not stop , no one likes them . It is a small price to pay for all a little bit more protection for other people and yourself.”

June Burke: “Never stopped.Not a big ask to protect yourself and others.

Most people can wear a mask for the short time travelling on public transport or when inside shops etc.”

Dianemaire Tomlinson: “I don't mind wearing masks again, but think that the 2 metres should be in place again.”

Priscilla Goyder: “They never should have stopped this! So its about time its being inforced again.”

Angie Donnelly: “Haven't stopped, I wear one in work, shops, public transport, crowded places…”

Sarah Hutchings: “Would rather wear them than be put in another lockdown.”

Valerie Ashdown: “Never stopped, it’s no hardship. I am allowed to not wear one being asthmatic, but I prefer to wear one for the short time I’m in a shop.”

Bob Holmes: “Great but should be extended to restaurants, pubs, theatres and cinemas.!!!”

Pamela Hodson: “Its a small ask!! I have to wear mine at work 13 hours a day. But i just hope we don’t have lockdowns again.”

Andy Borrett: “Never stopped wearing mine, in the supermarkets, in the mall, on the bus, no big deal I'm actually glad they are back for everyone, just hope it is enforced this time.”

Jackie Lloyd: “Should never have been stopped. Covid certainly hasn't gone away but you wouldn't think so the way some people go about.”

Ian Greatorex: “I wish people hadn’t stopped. Maybe I wouldn’t have COVID now.”

Claire Roadley: “I hate them but it's a necessary evil at the moment. My teenager has covid at the moment - most likely from school. He's now missing his mocks for gcses. Worst timing.”

Brinda Boodhoo: “Compulsory not mandatory.”

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