Grateful NHS patients in Sussex say thank you for 'fantastic' care during coronavirus pandemic

Since March this year, our NHS has been facing one of the greatest challenges in its history.

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Thursday, 2nd July 2020, 12:00 am
Patient Richard

When the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared coronavirus (Covid-19) a global pandemic, here in the UK we were asked to stay at home so that we could protect the NHS and save lives.

None of us knew what we were facing at that time, and how this virus would impact our communities and public services.

So, while we all did our bit and stayed at home, our amazing NHS and key workers carried on treating and caring for sick, injured and vulnerable people, to ensure that everyone continued to have access to essential health and care services.

Patient Nesta

As we get closer to the NHS’s 72 nd birthday on July 5, so many people want to say a huge thank you to our wonderful NHS and key workers for all their hard work.

In return the NHS wants to thank people for staying home to give us the best chance to look after those who need our services, and to take a moment to remember those who are sadly no longer with us, both patients and NHS employees.

Here are a few messages and comments from across Sussex to thank our amazing NHS and key workers.

‘‘Mika and her staff at hospital have provided me with fantastic support”

Patient Lynda

Richard’s story

I am delighted to share my incredibly positive experience over the past few months with the NHS.

As a diabetic, I suffer with a condition in my right foot called Chargot foot, where my joints are inflamed and my bones are starting to soften.

This was picked up in early March by one of the diabetic team working for the NHS at a routine foot check-up and I was quickly referred to a lady called Mika at Eastbourne hospital.

Parish nurse Julie

She runs the diabetic foot team there and from my first meeting she filled me with confidence about the treatment I needed.

Following an MRI scan she put my foot in a long-term plaster cast for up to 10 months, which is the only effective cure. The cast needs changing every three weeks and I am now on my fifth cast!

Mika and her staff have been outstanding in the care they have given me during this difficult time. She is always welcoming, cheerful, prompt with appointments and always keeps me informed how I am getting on.

I really can’t thank her and her staff enough for their fantastic support. I am now waiting for another scan to see how I am progressing.

The NHS is an outstanding organisation that has worked tirelessly through this pandemic to keep us safe, look after us and risk their lives for us all.

They have my total respect and thanks for looking after me so well.

“I felt safe, grateful and reassured”

Nesta’s story

The account below is not Covid symptom-related, but my experience of accessing services during the restricted lockdown period.

At the end of May I experienced very bad toothache and a swollen face. I was able to consult my own dentist via the telephone. This was very helpful and provided me with the opportunity to also email a photo of my swollen face so that my dentist was able to provide the most appropriate advice.

My dentist prescribed Amoxicillin and I was able to collect the prescription and obtain the medication from the local pharmacy.

Unfortunately the swelling got worse so I again consulted my dentist, sending an updated photo of my face. We agreed a visit to A&E would be the next best step.

I attended my local hospital, The Conquest in Hastings. The visit was very smooth and safe. I was met at the door, initial details were taken and a mask issued.

I was then triaged and later seen by a maxillofacial specialist who happened to be on duty. An x-ray confirmed an infection over three of my front teeth that had suffered trauma and been fixed by my dentist back in February.

I was prescribed Co-Amoxiclav to clear up the infection until such time as I could revisit my own dentist.

I was very apprehensive about attending the hospital, especially with the added complication of risk associated with the pandemic. However, I was impressed with the efficiency and kindness shown to me by the staff at A&E and left feeling safe, very grateful and reassured. Thank you dental and NHS service!

“Seek help if you need it”

Lynda’s story

I can’t thank our NHS enough. I was unwell and in pain, so I rang the doctor’s surgery, and had a call back from the GP, who asked me to come to the practice.

I was sent to Worthing hospital and had emergency surgery late in the afternoon on the same day. A big thank you to our amazing NHS people. Please do not be afraid to seek medical help if you need it.

‘‘Such a relief for clients”

Julie’s story

As part of my work as a Parish Nurse working in the Maybridge area, I have had two or three occasions in the past three months where I have seen someone and been concerned. I have rung the medical practice and explained my concern and asked for an appointment, each time with a nurse. I have explained that I have PPE and masks for the client and that I would personally bring them to the surgery in my car. My concerns were met with politeness and thanks and anappointment given for that day. Great service from the practice and such a relief for the clients.

“It was excellent service”

Barrie‘s story

I have had a positive experience with the NHS that was not related to Coronavirus. Following my annual blood test , I was asked if I had any health problems. I mentioned trouble with carpal tunnel syndrome. On advice from the doctor, I self-referred to MSK, which I did online. I then had a telephone call from an extremely pleasant and positive lady from MSK. I was triaged and referred to the consultant. Now I have received, by post, details of my triage and referral. You couldn’t ask for more and I’m most grateful to receive such excellent service during the pandemic.

If you need any advice or support and don’t know what to do, NHS 111 can help. Either go to or call 111, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.