The three random words that could save a life in an emergency

What3words app
What3words app

The need for more people to download a potentially lifesaving app has been raised at a meeting of the West Sussex Health & Wellbeing Board.

While discussing the work being carried out to prepare for the coming winter months, members were told about the What3words app and the vital help it could provide, particularly for elderly people who may have suffered a fall.

The meeting was told: “There’s a fantastic app that can find you anywhere and you give the three words to the emergency services.

“I don’t think all of our emergency services are using it. It’s very precise and if we can encourage more of that it might help.”

The app’s developers divided the world into 57 trillion 10ft by 10ft squares, giving each a unique, randomly assigned three-word address.

For example, the address of the bandstand in Horsham’s Carfax is vouch.puff.dared, while the Chichester Cross is

For anyone hurt, lost or in trouble, giving friends, family or the emergency services the three-word address shown on the What3words app, would bring help straight to them.

They wouldn’t need to be at a landmark for the system to work. One of the squares in the middle of Tilgate Forest, in Crawley, is pints.blend.editor.

Committee chairman Amanda Jupp said the app had been available at the recent Barns Green half-marathon.

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