Bored of Bing? Want to do something other than singing wheels on the bus? Mum’s the Word is the network for you

When you are a mum finding the right group to go to and meeting like minded people can be hard.

Monday, 18th February 2019, 9:48 am
Updated Monday, 18th February 2019, 10:53 am
Mum's The Word meet up with Clemmie Hooper

This is the reason that sisters Natalie Mcilveen and Laura Swann set up Mum’s the Word three years ago.“We wanted events that would inspire other mums, and would provide somewhere they could go with their kids,” said Laura.“We wanted lovely venues that the mums felt like they could dress up for.”“Toddler groups are great and they were my saviour when I was on maternity leave but sometimes you need something else other than in a village hall singing the wheels on the bus.”

The first groups and meet ups were held in Tunbridge Wells but when Brighton mums got in touch on social media, they looked to expand elsewhere.“We talked to friends down there to ask if they felt it would work and they all said yes,” she said.

The first Brighton event was held in 2017 and featured midwife Clemmie Hooper who is also known as Mother of Daughters on Instagram.Laura said: “She came and talked about her book How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out, which was just going on sale.“She is really inspirational as she has four kids, including twins, is a midwife, and writes books so it is good to see how other mums do it, how they juggle everything or how they don’t.“We just want very honest talks about being mums that we can all relate to and you think ‘wow I’m not alone’.”

Natalie, author Giovanna Fletcher and Laura

Other talks have included MotherPukka, author Giovanna Fletcher and Brighton’s Kate Kirby aka Hurrah For Gin.Laura said: “We want inspirational speakers that talk a lot of sense.”

The events include breakfast clubs where mums can bring their kids, evening meet ups and supper clubs.“We also have the meet ups which are in the evening and usually on a more serious subject so could be about flexible working where you want to take notes and ask questions without your toddler or baby there. “We found that some mums wanted that opportunity to go out and have an evening where they could chat with other women.”

The pair has also found it isn’t just mums who attend.She said: “We have some women attend who are maybe new the area and want to meet other people or business contacts.“We do a lot of business chats as we have found a lot of mums run their owns businesses and it is a great way to network, although that isn’t why we do it but it is great to see people on social media connecting with each other.”

Gemma Ogston, chef and director of Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen based in Brighton went to her first event two years ago. “I’d recently moved back to Brighton from Barcelona and had just set up a new business.“I wanted to meet other like-minded women but did not have a clue where to start so I saw the event was on and thought I would give it a try.“I met so many lovely women and also saw people who I knew but had not seen for a while. The event was not a boring or a forced networking event but was a really relaxed evening and I had so much fun.“The girls were so lovely and so welcoming and we got chatting. “From that event I shared my business and collaborated with other local working mums. “Two years later I have been to many more events and have even worked with Laura and Natalie on Supper Clubs and other events.”

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