Closure of Crawley’s adventure playgrounds - readers share their views

Anger and sadness has been expressed by Observer readers at the news two of Crawley’s adventure playgrounds are to close.

Monday, 8th February 2021, 10:43 pm
Updated Monday, 8th February 2021, 10:53 pm
Millpond Adventure Playground Crawley. Pic Steve Robards SR2102072 SUS-210702-161106001

Readers have been sharing their views after Crawley Borough Council decided to close both Creasys Drive and Millpond Adventure Playgrounds, while converting the ones in Cherry Lane and Waterlea into unsupervised play areas.

A plea for councillors to look again at the options and review the decision fell on deaf ears when discussed at a meeting of the cabinet last week.

The council has said falling numbers of people using the adventure playgrounds mean they are no longer financially viable.

On the Crawley Observer’s Facebook pages readers have been calling the decision ‘short-sighted’ and fear the consequences of young children having fewer safe places in the town to play.

Here are just some of the views expressed by our readers:

Ann-Marie Ballard said: “Gutted.. So disappointed at the Council.. Happy to keep building flats with no gardens for families with Children to live in.. Thyy have already taken away the 4 paddling pools in Crawley and now Adventure Playgrounds.. The only safe supervised outdoor play areas our children had. Too many children are already spending too much time indoors infront of screens. Lack of Fresh air, Vitamin D and exercise. Along with too many parents worried their children will get abducted if out playing on the streets or knocked down by cars as house holds are stacked in tight together next to busy roads..

“Just another example of financial profit being saved, over providing for the children in our community AGAIN.”

Deirdre Schnaar said: “Sad day. This is a very bad choice. The children and young people need these safe spaces and activities. These are such positive environments for their enjoyment as well as their social, physical and mental wellbeing.”

Heidi Morgan said: “Shame on Crawley Council. To close Millpond Adventure is a bad mistake, I think. Most likely more shabby build blocks of flats squeezed into the space where children played. Where can the kids go play safely outdoors now?”

Rachael Beevors said: “Pushing the kids onto the streets to play where they will meet who knows WHO! They will also get bored! Clever NOT!”

Jane Williams said: “Short sighted .. Crawley is growing, more families, children needing safe environments to make friends and play. Today’s it’s all about money and unfortunately a lot of parents will not have the extra finances to allow their children to socialise at the Mega plex, various soft play , sports activities etc etc..

“Come on Crawley help save free/cost effective spaces for the future of Crawley citizens.”

Donna Wakeham said: “So instead of encouraging children to use the space to make it more financially viable, it closes. We never learn.”

Joanne Moule said: “This is heartbreaking!! We go every day in the summer and I spent my childhood there. Where are we meant to go now that’s safe for the kids to run about

Louise Philps said: “So where can our children play now in a safe and open environment? These parks are wonderful for our children to be able to enjoy with friends.

“Have our children not suffered enough over the last year !!”

Becca Philby said: “My house backs onto waterlea, it was always well the school holidays it was packed all day long until about 3 years ago when it was run at reduced hours and closed a lot of the time..hence the 68% drop ‍♀️ Crawley council again dishing out stats with no real explanation of them.”

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