Nick’s new prints

Standing Walking Sitting Lying offers an exhibition of new paintings and prints by Nick Bodimeade at the Zimmer Stewart Gallery, Tarrant Street, Arundel from March 31 to April 21 (

Saturday, 31st March 2012, 8:33 am

James Stewart, who runs the gallery, said: “Nick Bodimeade is a painter of everyday life. His subjects in the past have included dogs, trucks, sheds, chairs, lorries and motorways.

In recent work he has concentrated on the beach, a subject with a long term fascination for him.

“Beaches are a theme we can all relate to. They are spaces where we have had fun and so the images evoke memories: we have all done our own standing, walking, sitting and lying.

“For Nick, this is important. He feels the viewer therefore meets the paintings half-way, the visual groundwork done. Composition is important in all of these works. Nick Bodimeade encourages the viewer to move his/her eye over the painting using diagonals, horizontals, negative/positive space as well as focal points.

“Light also plays a pivotal role in the works, with shadows and highlights, with clever use of paint strokes, Nick actually makes us feel the heat of the day and shimmer in the air!”

Nick is also an accomplished printmaker and has recently produced several series of prints, most recently the series of six large Beach woodcuts to be shown in this exhibition.

Nick teaches fine art on the university course at Northbrook College. He lives and paints at the foot of the South Downs by the banks of the river Ouse near Lewes, Sussex and his work is regularly shown in solo and group exhibitions in London and the South (at the Campden Gallery, Chipping Campden; Portminster Gallery, St Ives; St Anne’s Gallery, Lewes and Chalk Hill Contemporary, Guildford as well as being a regular at the Affordable Art Fairs in London).