Walk around Pulborough with the Ramblers

The best way to discover the beautiful countryside in our county is to get out on a walk. If you are unsure of where to start, or finish, the Ramblers share one of their favourite walks in West Sussex.

Tuesday, 6th June 2017, 4:42 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:21 am
Pulborough. Pic Steve Robards SR1710267

Pulborough town, gallops and countryside

2 hours 01 minutes 6.4km/4.0mi Leisurely

Route developer: Kate Flynn

View north of Pulborough. Pic Steve Robards SR1710247

Route checker: Chris Smith

This is a varied and lovely walk with great views of South Downs and lovely views to the North as well. It also passes many interesting old houses and the local church.

[1] With back to the Lower Street car park entrance walk to top corner of car park. Go down steps and turn right. Cross main road using crossing and then turn left walking along main road until come to a brick sided path that slopes up just after the bus stop.

Go up this and through gate to follow path uphill with views of church to left and South Downs behind. Go through kissing gate to lane and turn left. Cross the A29 with great care, safer to go slightly right to cross, to Church Place opposite. Go over the railway bridge and ignore the footpath on the right you will come back here later.

Toat monument near Pulborough. Pic Steve Robards SR1710253

For a start from the railway station turn left out of the main exit from the station and follow a footpath which leads to the railway bridge. Turn left here and cross the railway bridge to join the main route.

[2] Take next footpath on the right, the footpath crosses the lane here and the one to the left is easier to spot. Go over stile and straight ahead and cross boards over stream and turn left. You are now on the gallops and because the owners don’t want you straying, the footpaths are clearly signposted.

Turn left at next sign to go between high hedges and then near right to follow track with high hedge on right. Keep ahead on track until it turns right when keep ahead on unmade track until see stile beside gate on left. Go over stile or through gate if open to join Coomblands Lane at gate. Turn right along lane passing Hill Farm Lane.

[3] At farm buildings take footpath on right over stile, through gate then keep to edge of field to reach to go through gate to pass pond. Go through another gate and keep ahead following footpath. The footpath is clearly signposted and easy to follow.

Keep on footpath for about half a mile. Soon after footpath to left take footpath on right with hedge on right and fence on left. Along this path you get view of Toat Monument which is a six sided tower built in 1827. Path takes you to Hill Farm Lane with a short steep climb at the end.

Before entering woods take time to admire the view. On reaching lane turn left and take footpath on right at Hill Farm. This farm was built in the early 1600s and according to a local expert has the best 17th century zig zag brick work on the front of the house.

Go through gate onto gallops and keep ahead on footpath going through gaps in hedges and through gate in fence.

Prize winning race horses have been trained here. Keep ahead looking for a gap in the hedge with another hedge to the right to help you find your direction.

Eventually you come to the mill pond and Old Place. At the mill pond you can see where the mill stream used to run under the path and the house where it runs to was the mill. Old Place is 15th century manor house.

Look out for horses as it is not called the gallops for nothing.

[4] From this point retrace your steps and enjoy again the houses in Church place and the views toward the downs as you walk back along Old Rectory Lane. When you arrive back at the millennium board you can take another way back.

Keep ahead as the lane becomes a path. After passing footpath on left take steps up to Old Rectory Lane. Turn right into Rectory Close and then right into Rectory Lane and when see crossing place cross to Potts Lane. This is an interesting lane with lovely houses in it. You will arrive back at the A283 at crossing. Go left to take first right back to car park.

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This first appeared in the June edition of etc Magazine.