Alleged Crawley suicide bomber’s brother speaks of family’s anguish


The brother of an alleged Crawley suicide bomber has spoken of his sister-in-law’s grief following her husband’s disappearance in Syria.

Abdul Waheed Majid, 41, of Martyrs Avenue, Langley Green, is thought to have detonated a bomb after driving a lorry into a prison in Aleppo, Syria, in February.

His brother, Hafeez Majid said: “I just cannot describe the amount of pain and the anguish my brother’s wife - she feels like she’s lost her soul mate and her life is a void now without my brother.

“We are still coming to terms with what it’s done to us as a family.”

UK organisation Families Against Stress & Trauma posted a video of Hafeez and other Britons speaking about the Syrian conflict’s effect on British families.

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