Angler’s shock at human bones

An angler who found bones that are believed to be human while fishing at a lake in Pease Pottage said he is ‘troubled’ by the ‘spooky’ discovery.

Two bones that police suspect are human have been sent for analysis, after officers cordoned off the area around the pond in Parish Lane for around four days.

Lenny Wells, the chairman of Crawley Angling Society, saw the bones near the fishing spot on Monday last week (January 26 )and informed police two days later.

The 65-year-old from Bewbush noticed the bones when he arrived at the lake to fish on Monday morning.

He said: “I stood there looking at them and was trying to absorb whether or not they were human, and if they are that is a thing to come to terms with - it is not something you come across every day.

“I started fishing but I was conscious of the fact those bones were there and maybe I should call the police. It started to trouble me.”

After speaking to a fitness enthusiast neighbour, who said the larger bone resembled a human femur, and his son, Lenny decided to call police on Wednesday evening.

Officers including a forensic team arrived on Thursday (January 29) and remained there for around four days.

Lenny said: “I do find it scary. I think the fact they are human bones is a bit spooky in itself, but how did they get there?”

Police said the bones have been taken away for analysis.

Lenny said a fellow fishermen had not seen the bones while fishing in Parish Lane the previous day (Sunday January 25).

He said the situation was ‘baffling’ and added: “I don’t think they have been in the lake because when you are fishing and you snag on something there is always slime and lake debris on it.”

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said: “Police search teams have searched the area around the lake and into woodland nearby, but no further bones have been found.

“The find is being treated as unexplained rather than suspicious at this time, but police enquiries, which are at an early stage, are continuing.”

Anyone with information can contact police quoting Operation Carlisle.