Art festival in honour of Dame Caroline Haslett

WES collection image of Caroline in 1919. Picture courtesy of the IET Archive
WES collection image of Caroline in 1919. Picture courtesy of the IET Archive

Three Bridges Forum is celebrating 100 years of electrical pioneer Dame Caroline Haslett’s influence with an art festival at the Hawth Theatre.

They are inviting all Crawley residents and workers to contributed to the Caroline Haslett Memorial Project (CHaMP) exhibition in May this year.

Electric Festival poster

Electric Festival poster

It was 100 years ago this week (February 5, 1919) that Caroline Haslett, from Three Bridges, became the first Secretary of the newly formed Women’s Engineering Society.

A statement from Three Bridges Forum said: “We especially invite local schools, colleges, youth groups, clubs, societies, SME or Gatwick Diamond company employees to take part. Everyone is encouraged.

“Caroline Haslett would have been especially keen to see female electrical engineers involved.

“You have a free choice for any personal interpretation of CHaMP using 2 or 3D art forms, modelling, writing, CAD, 3Dprinting, online research, paint, textile, mixed media, camera, pen, pencil, or word processor.”

Entries, size A4 to A3 inc 3D, must be submitted to Crawley Museum, 103 High Street by Friday April 12 to be eligible for prizes, certificates, and Hawth display. Submissions will remain property of, and will be returned to, the creators. Entries must identify creator, entry group, and return contact address.

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There are six categories for entries:

- Young Sparks in Crawley: age five to seven; Key Stage 1; Rainbows or Beavers. The Forum’s suggestions include: My colourful pylon; bells and flashing lights; light before electricity; a new electric car; electric toys that need inventing; fairy lights and flashing signs; electricity for my pets; electricity in my life.

- Rising Stars in Crawley: age seven to 11, Key Stage 2, Brownies or Cubs. Suggestions: Making pylons beautiful!; electric gadgets in my home; electric bake off; fish and whale oil to today’s lights; interplanetary propulsion; how our homes were, are and should be heated; kitchen design for these domestic control centres; what’s electricity ever done for plants?; cranes, diggers and movers, electronic bionic support; electro magnetism, light, heat, movement; the shredder; the microphone.

- Inspiration in Crawley: age 11-14, Key Stage 3, Guides and Scouts. Suggestions: The aesthetic pylon of tomorrow; the life of Caroline Haslett; home entertainment using 3 pin plugs; how electricity grew in 20th century homes; electrical inventors, pioneers and promoters; the electrical invention I’m waiting for; electronic medical monitoring; remote control; binary and friends, the digital brain; electricity before and after humans; can Caroline save the planet?

- Ambition in Crawley: age 14-16, Key Stage 4, Rangers and Explorers. Suggestions: Electrifying still life; printed circuits; Caroline Haslett’s legacy; induction power; wireless personal entertainment; PA for events; biological electricity; lasers, macro to micro; robotics, servant and master; how I would electrify a festival or theatre stage; the prize winning call or the taser, good and bad shocks.

- Activation in Crawley: post 16 school, college and FE students, Rangers and Explorers. Suggestions: Electrical power production; micro circuitry; What would Caroline Haslett promote today?; super grid development; product design to raise sales; nanometers; microwaves, cook or kill; superconductors; cost effective design; micro generators; graphene and friends in 2030; role of nuclear power; fewer wires; the ultrathin; utilising 3D printing; fluorescence in rocks, biology or gilets jaune.

- Expression in Crawley: adult. Suggestions: Photography, the electrical scene around Crawley; the infra red or ultraviolet; pocket park planting plan incorporating the Dame Caroline white iris; Haslett themed sculpture design; design of or decoration for a Haslett heritage information panel; Drawing, painting or textile design inspired by CHaMP; rewiring Caroline’s 3 pin plug in thread. The all electric F1 car, ferry or flight.


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