BLOG: The best years of our lives?

Pareeta Nayee'JPCO
Pareeta Nayee'JPCO

Crawley blogger Pareeta Nayee shares her thoughts about life at university and preparing to set out into the world of work.

A twenty-year-old university student. The first image that tends to pop into people’s minds is that of a sensible, hard-working student by day and a wild and raucous party-goer by night.

Well they’re not far off. But there is a crucial underlying theme that is shared by all students and almost always overlooked; fear.

I’m a twenty-year-old journalism student living off cheap food and spending most of my time frantically studying in hopes that I will be that single outstanding graduate that every newspaper will be ridiculously keen to hire. I’m afraid of what to expect next.

The years spent at university are said to be the best years of your life and I can see why. For the first time you are free from the ‘cage’ called home, free to collide with new people and free to roam an unfamiliar city.

It is also the time you grow up! From your first year being a reckless and eager teenager to your final year where you’ve transformed into a young and independent adult, ready to be thrust out into the huge and unexplored world.

The daunting realisation that soon I’m going to have no one to rely upon but myself is washing over me.

It is difficult not to panic when I think about the dying newspaper industry or how competitive the field is but that’s what university prepares you for.

The inevitable truth that you will be turned down a few times and that you will have to work your way up the ladder just like everybody else.

But the most important lesson it teaches you? Enjoy yourself while you can and be determined with every obstacle that you face. Or in other words, make the most of everything that you experience.

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