Bus services axed


A bus company has announced it will stop running its three Crawley services.

Red Arrow 500, CR3 and CR4 services will stop on February 14.

A spokesman for Heritage Coaches, which owns City of Chichester Coaches and trades as the Crawley Reds, said it could not compete with Metrobus in the town.

He said: “Despite heavy investment and hard working staff, the reality has become clear that there is not space in Crawley for two operators and Metrobus run a comprehensive service that we cannot compete with.”

The Crawley Reds services were launched in September.The Red Arrow 500 route started in December 1. City of Chichester Coaches applied to cancel the CR3, CR4 and 500 to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner on December 19.

A Metrobus spokesman said it did not change its routes or fares after the rival services started.

He added : “We won’t be changing any of our routes as the result of their planned withdrawal, although we do plan to continue to improve the bus service for the people of Crawley over the coming months and years.”

A passenger from Maidenbower said the Crawley Reds buses were often empty even at peak times.

She said: “Whenever I saw it going around Maidenbower it was empty.That was all times of the day, it could be rush hour but it could still be empty.”

The Heritage group, which also trades as The Sussex Bus, planned to launch new routes in Mid-Sussex towns in March. Its 37 route from Crawley to Haywards Heath will be revised.