Comic Romesh celebrates success and birth of a son


A former maths teacher is celebrating success as one of the nation’s top comics - and the birth of his third child.

Former Hazelwick teacher Romesh Ranganathan has become a regular feature on BBC and Channel 4 shows.

Romesh, 36, of Broadfield, who started his career as a stand-up comedian in 2010, has performed at BBC1’s Live At The Apollo and won comedy channel Dave’s Comedian of the Year award in 2013.

He said: “Live At The Apollo was amazing, it’s a show that as a stand-up is the absolute pinnacle.

“Mock The Week is another show - to be appearing in a series of that was really exciting, you are doing it with people you respect and I’m a massive fan of.

“I’m just grateful I’m doing it for a job, my main aim is to get better as a comic.”

Romesh’s wife, Lisa, 35, was admitted to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary during The Edinburgh Fringe Festival where Romesh was appearing.

She gave birth to their son Charlie.

Romesh said: “She was being really chilled out about it - she’s the most laid back woman in the world.

“I panic a lot more than she does.”

He was exhausted when he appeared on stage later that day.

He explained his wife had given birth to his son to the audience at his show, which was about the ‘fears of having a third child’.

He said: “I was pretty convinced the audience thought I was making it up.”

He was told to register the birth at Crawley but was later told it must be done in Edinburgh.

Romesh said: “I ended having to fly up the day of the referendum.

“I wasn’t happy - you don’t want to have an ‘illegal’ baby.”

Romesh was ‘born and bred’ in Crawley.

Speaking on living in the town following his successes, he said: “I don’t think it’s changed life here really.

“It’s nice, I don’t know if I’ll ever leave Crawley.”

He added in jest: “I was hoping for people to be falling at my feet.”

Romesh said he used his teaching experiences in his shows.

He said: “For a while I was doing stand up and was a teacher.

“After I left I plundered my experiences to talk about Ofsted and what it was like as a teacher.

“It was bits and pieces put across from a teacher’s point of view, nothing bad about teaching.”

To aspiring comedians, Romesh added: “If you insist on doing it - absolutely gig your backside off, just keep gigging and writing.

“I was gigging a lot of the time in Brighton, that’s what really helped me cut my teeth.”

He will perform at The Hawth on March 28.