Concerns over plans for 120 new Crawley homes

Residents opposed to building 120 new homes in Tinsley Lane SUS-171016-111112001
Residents opposed to building 120 new homes in Tinsley Lane SUS-171016-111112001

Residents are up in arms over proposals to build 120 new houses on land near their homes in Three Bridges.

The land - in Tinsley Lane - is owned by the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency which aims to build the houses and replace Oakwood Football Club’s sportsground, along with the provision of additional recreational facilities.

But residents are putting forward strong opposition.

They fear that the development will lead to extra traffic problems in the area, would be detrimental to ancient woodland and wildlife, and would cause pollution.

Kirsty Gordon lives in Birch Lea - which ajoins Tinsley Lane - and which is being suggested as an access route for the new development.

She said: “There are lots of residents who are aghast at what is being proposed.

“It’s not just a case of NIMBY - not in my back yard - we do not oppose more housing per se, but more that the whole area here is going to be denigrated.

“The developments planned are not just housing. Improvements are planned to the Oakwood FC facilities, green space, recreational facilities and the ancient woodland area Summersvere Woods as well as the potential for the provision of allotments.

“These additional changes will increase the number of non-residents visiting the area which in turn produces additional traffic for the surrounding roads as well as for the specific access road selected.”

Clare McSharry, who also lives in Birch Lea, said: “I am quite devastated with the proposals and completely inappropriate method of accessing the proposed development.”

She said increased traffic volumes would be dangerous.

“I’ve lived in Birch Lea over 30 years and have seen my family grow up in a safe, peaceful environment.

“I am now visited regularly by my young grandchildren and have a young dog. The proposals use the road as an access route which it was never intended for and is not fit for purpose.”

Pauline Adams, of nearby Kenmara Close, said: “I’m concerned about how narrow the entrance and exit to the proposed site is via Birch Lea. Residents will not be able to park in the street and any incident involving emergency vehicles will completely block access.”

Karl Reed, who also lives in Birch Lea, added: “I am really disappointed that Birch Lea was put forward as the preferred access route the new development, as for me it is the cheapest, yet most dangerous and unmaintainable route.

“My driveway comes out onto a bind bend, something at present I take for granted as we live in a cu de sac and traffic in very low.

“With the new development there will in upwards of 200+ cars travelling up and down this road each day.”