CRAWLEY ELECTIONS: Voter turnout 36 per cent

Crawley election 2014 SUS-140523-104350001
Crawley election 2014 SUS-140523-104350001

The Crawley borough election count is well under way at K2 leisure centre.

Twelve of the town’s 15 wards were involved in voting yesterday (May 22) with 46 candidates vying for people’s votes.

The mood at K2 is a mixture of tension and confidence, with rumours of a shock in Pound Hill South & Worth circulating the hall.

Conservative Cllr Bob Lanzer said: “Obviously we’d like to retain control of the council for a ninth year but of course we’re seeing the rebirth, one might say, of four-party politics, so it’s very difficult to call what’s going to happen.”

Former teacher Karen Sudan, Labour candidate for West Green, said: “It’s heartbreaking that I know those bright intelligent youngsters are in jobs that have no prospects. Affordable housing is a bigger priority for us than it is for other parties and better quality jobs.”

Regarding UKIP’s performance, Crawley chairman Lee Gilroy, said: “We can see from the support that’s out there that we’ve got a lot of support. A lot of people have had enough of the political establishment out there.”

The turnout has been provisionally declared to be 36 per cent.