Crawley firefighter describes ‘unusual’ upside-down flame


A lead firefighter has described an ‘unusual’ ceiling fire which saw 30 people evacuated from a block of flats.

Fire crews put out an upside-down three-foot flame from a ceiling in Stoat House, Squirrel Close, Langley Green, on Monday (May 11).

Simon Constable, Group Commander at Crawley Fire Station, said a gas leak had ignited in the first floor’s corridor ceiling at around 11.30am.

An electrical fire had damaged the pipe and created the ‘unusual’ upside-down flame, he said.

He added there was no risk of an explosion because the fire was burning the gas leaking from the pipe only.

Some 30 people were evacuated. Firefighters isolated the electrics and gas supply.

The corridor filled with smoke.

A pair equipped with breathing apparatus quickly put out the flame using a hose reel and CO2 extinguisher.

Residents were allowed back in shortly after.