Crawley Hospital to get MRI scanner


Hundreds of people with muscle and joint conditions will have their care improved after a MRI scanner is brought to Crawley Hospital.

A spokesman for Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which pays for the hospital’s services, said the mobile scanner will be in use from Thursday (March 5).

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner, which will be located outside the hospital’s Green Wing, will produce detailed images of inside the body to help diagnose muscle and joint conditions.

Diane Gilmour, programme manager for Crawley and Horsham & Mid-Sussex CCGs, said: “This is an exciting development for Crawley residents and means that MRI scans for muscle and joint conditions may be offered without going off site - something they have needed to do in the past.

“Having the MRI on site will enable patients in the future to attend clinics and have their assessments completed on the same day, returning to the clinic that day for results, if appropriate.

“It means that patients could have one clinic appointment and be given a treatment plan at the same time. This will reduce the time between clinics, treatment, and reduce the number of visits to the site.

“It is an important step towards realising the service’s one-stop-shop approach to patient care.”

Sussex MSK Partnership has been the provider of muscle and joint services since it launched in October 2014.

The spokesman said CCGs had reduced waiting times for appointments and test results while maintaining the quality of care by developing a ‘clearly defined route’ through the service.

He added: “The model, which is described as main hubs with smaller spokes will mean more services are available closer to where patients live. It will also mean patient care will be joined up across hospital and community services.”

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