AFTER the drama of general election night in Crawley our determined reporters are back at K2 for the local election count.

There are 12 Crawley wards up for grabs.

Conservatives have claimed eight wards.

Labour have won four.

Here are the wards and their duly elected councillors.

For a full rundown of the results pick up next week's Crawley Observer.

Bewbush: Michael Jones, Labour

Broadfield North: Ian Irvine, Labour

Broadfield South: Alan Quirk, Conservative

Furnace Green: Carol Eade, Conservative

Ifield: John Denman, Conservative

Langley Green: Stephen Joyce, Labour

Maidenbower: Ken Trussell, Conservative

Northgate: Peter Lamb, Labour

Pound Hill North: Richard Burrett, Conservative

Pound Hill South and Worth: Lee Burke, Conservative

Southgate: Howard Bloom, Conservative

West Green: Vanessa Cumper, Conservative


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3.14pm - Crawley's new MP Henry Smith is out at the count to support his party.

It looks like the Ifield ward has fallen to the Tories.

3.12pm - Jon Mortimer, Labour, Ifield, said: "I'm pretty tired but I accept the result of the vote. They wanted to choose John Denman (Tory) but I will be keeping my eye on him because a lot needs to be done in the area. I have worked very hard."

3.10pm - Crawley's new MP is Henry Smith is at the count supporting his party's candidates.

3pm - The Maidenbower and Pound Hill North votes look like safe Tory wins.

2.50pm - Richard Burrett, Conservative, Pound Hill North said: "I havent got a final figure but it looks like I've been re-elected and I'm really pleased to be able to serve the residents of Pound Hill North for another four years."

Accompanied at the count by his 17-year-old daughter Nona Labour's Ian Irvine was confident in the Broadfield North result going his way.

2.48pm - Ian Irvine, Labour, Broadfield North, said: "I think I've won my seat back. I'm very happy, it's really good news, I've worked really hard in Broadfield and I'm putting Broadfield first."

2.46pm - The West Green result has gone to a re-count. It looks like there are only eight votes in it. A close two-way tussle between Labour and Tory candidates.

2.30pm - Eddie Reay, Lib Dem, Pound Hill North said: "I had a very good response and was ver well supported last year which I was pleased with and this year I hope to increase my percentage."

2.28pm - Colin Moffatt, Labour, Broadfield South: I am a firm beliwever in what will be will be, we've been canvassing for four to five months and the reaction on the doorstep has been good. I thin kafter 13 years in government (national) people thought it was time for a change.

2.14pm - Dr Howard Bloom, Conservative, Southgate, said: "It looks optimistic at this point in time, I think it will be close. Southgate is one of those wards where it can go anyway."

The local Liberal Democrats are looking to recover ground after the resignation of local party leader Gordon Seekings.

2.10pm - Kevin Osborne, Lib Dem, for Langley Green, said: "I'm not saying yet, we're just going to see how the local count goes and see how Langley Green does. I've been out and about in Pound Hill, Southgate, Worth and we've been trying to do as much as we can. We're trying to build up as many members as we can."

Nationally the BNP failed to take any seats in parliament but they're candidates are standing in six of the 12 wards being decided today

2.08pm - Stewart Minihane, West Green, BNP, said: "The campaign went very mell. Because I was standing in Mid-Sussex at parliamentary level I couldn't do any reall canvassing. But I will be concentrating on West Green over the next two years so there may be a shock result."

2.05pm - Michael Jones, Labour, for Bewbush: "It's difficult to say how it's going but the camapinging was very encouraging I found the people of Bewbushg very friendly. I hope that on a local level we can undo some of the damage done nationally."

2.00pm - Steven Joyce, Labour, for Langley Green said: "I'm quitely confident, campaigning went very well, the promises I got on the doorstep from people to vote seem to have been upheld.

"I've lost a stone and a half from all this walking."

1.30pm - Here's a list of wards and candidates

Pound Hill South and Worth

Lee Burke - Conservative

Sulu Pandya - Lib Dem

Philomena Woodhams - Labour


Howard Bloom - Conservative

Ryan Grice - BNP

Jim McGough - Labour

West Green

Vanessa Cumper - Conservative

Stuart Minihane - BNP

TP Patel - Labour


Linda Atkinson - BNP

Michael Jones - Labour

Ray Ward - Conservative

Broadfield North

Adam Brown - Conservative

Ian Irvine - Labour

Broadfield South

Colin Moffatt - Labour

Alan Quirk - Conservative

Furnace Green

Vernon Atkinson - BNP

Jean Calcott - Labour

Carole Eade - Conservative


Francis Carlin - BNP

John Denman - Conservative

John Mortimer - Labour

Richard Symmonds - Independent

Langley Green

Stephen Joyce - Labour

Ijaz Khan - Conservative

Kevin Osborne - Lib Dem


Peter Smith - Labour

Ken Trussell - Conservative


Mirza Ali - Conservative

Dennis Kenealy - BNP

Peter Lamb - Labour

Pound Hill North

Richard Burrett - Conservative

Eddie Reay - Lib Dem

Jogi Singh - Labour

Dinesh Tagarsi - UKIP