Crawley MP defends government fuel advice

CRAWLEY MP Henry Smith said the Government was right to warn people to prepare for a potential fuel strike – despite criticism that official advice has caused queues and shortages at the petrol pumps.

Motorists in Crawley and Horley queued for petrol yesterday (Thursday March 29) and today following Government advice to fill up their tanks.

But this has been blamed for causing panic-buying before a strike date has even been set.

Mr Smith said: “A fuel tanker driver strike is unjustified, most earn over £45,000 and UK safety conditions are the best in the world. All parties should condemn the threat of industrial action which would cause massive disruption and threaten lives and livelihoods.

“The Government are right to make contingency plans and warn people so the lessons of the fuel stoppages a decade ago aren’t ignored.”

He added: “Local and national Labour Party leaders should soul-search as to why they allow themselves to be to heavily funded and supported by the Unite Union which is threatening to seriously disrupt the lives of people in Crawley and across the country.”

Neighbouring Horsham MP and Cabinet Minister Francis Maude had to retract a statement earlier this week that drivers should fill up a jerry-can and put it in the garage after it was condemned as a safety hazard and causing panic.

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