Crawley Muslim group donates money to help people with dementia

The Mayor of Crawley, Carlos Castro, with Mubasher Ahmad, Mubasher  Sidiqi, Ahsan Ahmedi, Abdul Gafoor, Mubarak Mahmood and Nasir Ahmad
The Mayor of Crawley, Carlos Castro, with Mubasher Ahmad, Mubasher Sidiqi, Ahsan Ahmedi, Abdul Gafoor, Mubarak Mahmood and Nasir Ahmad

A Crawley Muslim group has raised money to help people with dementia.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association Crawley donated £500 to Forget Me Not which supports people with dementia and their family, friends and carers.

It is the Mayor of Crawley, Carlos Castro’s chosen charity.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Elder’s Association (AMA) is based at Noor Mosque in Langley Green.

Abdul Gafoor Javaid, the local chapter’s head, said: “The association has been raising funds for UK charities for many years and since the inauguration of Noor Mosque in 2014 we have raised money for the mayor each year.

“Mayor Castro has visited the mosque several times now where we hold many interfaith events which he has supported.

“Our goal has always been to help others as well as helping the community around us.”

Cllr Castro said: “It is always a delight when different communities do good works especially when they raise money for local charity.

“I have witnessed the great work the AMA do in the local community helping others.

“Crawley truly is a diverse integrated community.

“The Ahmadiyya Muslim community plays a vital role in doing that.

“So I was delighted that they had offered this donation for my chosen charity, Forget Me Not, do great work for those suffering dementia which can take form in many ways.

“Alzeimer’s is one form of dementia and we need all the help we can give”.

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Atta Qudus, regional head of the AMA, said:“This year we achieved a great landmark by raising over a £1 million nationally for charities through our Walk for Peace events which have taken place up and down the country and we have donated much of that money to UK charities.

“Our goal is to help others particularly those deprived here in the UK.

“Members of our Crawley chapter has been very active doing great work in the local community bringing communities together”.

Ahsan Ahmedi, local spokesman for the AMA, said: “The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association was started by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in 1889 in Qadian in India when he claimed he was the Promised Messiah.

“The AMA was established in the UK in 1913 and one of his key mission was to convey the peace full message of Islam and to engage his community in helping others.

“Our motto of ‘Love for all hatred’ is not just a slogan but a principle we adhere to and raising money for good causes is one way of doing just that.

“We have been raising funds ever since we established in Crawley in 1989 and Noor Mosque has become a beacon of promoting interfaith dialogue and raising awareness of the peaceful message of Islam.”

Accompanying members who presented the cheque to the Mayor were Nasir Ahmad, Mubarak Mahmood, Mubasher Saidqi, Mubasher Ahmad.

The Noor Mosque is holding an open day on Sunday March 3.