Crawley pylon illumination success celebrated

The illuminated pylon in Haslett Avenue . Photo: Crawley College HNC Media Course
The illuminated pylon in Haslett Avenue . Photo: Crawley College HNC Media Course

An electricity pylon illuminated in Haslett Avenue East to commemorate a famous former Three Bridges resident was such a success that group behind the bright idea is developing the next stage.

The Three Bridges Forum lit up the pylon for two hours in memory of Dame Caroline Haslett - a prominent suffragette and first secretary of the Women’s Engineering Society.

They are now working with Crawley Borough Council and will take their memorial project ideas to the public.

John Cooban from the forum said: “Three Bridges Forum’s Caroline Haslett Memorial Project subcommittee is delighted with the response so far to the pylon illumination test on Wednesday evening 21 March.

“Our next step is to prepare a public consultation programme to make sure that everyone who wants to can play a part in the development of the project.

“Crawley Borough Council’s Community Development Officer Vikki Fold is going to help us cover the points necessary to properly involve all stakeholders in this scheme for Three Bridges Corridor gateway to Crawley.”

In addition to regularly lighting up the pylon the forum hopes to set up a ‘pocket-park’ or pylon garden, and to revitalise the area, making the most of it’s important heritage to the town.

Mr Cooban said the forum hopes to include an art element within the project and to enlist the services of local sculptor.

A council spokesperson said: “We are happy to support Three Bridges Forum with its public consultation. We’re meeting with forum members next week to progress this.”