Crawley school asks for GCSE papers to be re-marked


A Crawley school has asked for “a substantial remark” of some of its GCSE papers following concerns over how grade boundaries are set.

Rob Corbett, principal at Ifield Community College (ICC), said the papers of 15 students had been returned to exam board Edexcel for re-marking.

Mr Corbett’s concerns surfaced after the mark needed for a C grade in maths was raised, making it harder for students to achieve a top result.

Branding the changes “frankly immoral”, he called for more consistency in the grading levels which he said jumped around from year to year leaving students and teachers uncertain of where they stood.

As a result, some pupils, who would have earned a C last year, found themselves only a couple of points short of their target and lumbered with a D.

Mr Corbett said: “As a school our headline rate has risen from last year but we have significant concerns over some key outcomes and have requested substantial remarks of scripts.

“As a result we cannot give a definitive figure for our headline rate other than to say it has risen but is unlikely to meet our target.”

As well as the maths papers, ICC has asked for a number of science and English papers to be re-marked.

Edexcel is part of the Pearson learning company. A spokesman for Pearson said: “We set the grade boundaries for each exam paper each year. This ensures a fair system, so that students of the same ability will get the same grade in different years, even if there are marginal differences in the demand of papers.

“Grade boundaries for this qualification are very much in line with where they have been set in previous years.”