Crawley Town head coach Drummy wants his players fully motivated for the last few games

Crawley Town head coach Dermot Drummy
Crawley Town head coach Dermot Drummy

Crawley Town boss Dermot Drummy has demanded his players play every game as if it was their last.

The former Chelsea under-19s coach believes it is up to every player to be self-motivated.

Drummy said: "We've got to look at each other and demand from each other until the end of the season.

"Everyone says your season's over - it's not, we have got to keep on getting points and have got to have that manner to win games.

"The players have got to be professional, I can try to say what I want but it's down to each individual player to fire themselves up when they put on a Crawley shirt.

"It's our profession and when you are out of the game you realise how fortunate you are to be in it.

"Every game should be played like it's your last game, that's my opinion."

Drummy denied their performances over the last six games could influence whether they are offered a new contract to stay the club next season.

He said: "I look at their player over the season, I look at their character. If it was only on the last six games, if I was going to say 'no' to someone they'd have been going in January. I want the players to be motivated for Crawley Town, that's their job, end of story."