Crawley Town's stadium immortalised in Lego

Crawley Town's Stadium built out of Lego
Crawley Town's Stadium built out of Lego

Crawley Town's Stadium has been immortalised in Lego.

Jules Richards, from Cardiff, has completed the Red Devils' stadium as part of his project to build all 92 grounds of the teams that are competing in the 2017/18 Football League.

Jules Richards

Jules Richards

The build takes around six to eight hours to complete and averages around 1,300 blocks of Lego to create.

Richards posted his creations on social media - his twitter account Brick A Stadium currently has more than 6,000 followers - and his project began to take life.

He said: "I built Cardiff City Stadium one day when it was raining and I was off work.

"I put it on social media and it was liked by a lot of people.

"A guy from Nottingham asked me to do Hillsborough out of Lego and when I did that the orders started coming in.

"After doing about 25 grounds I thought 'Im going to do the 92' and just cracked on with it."

Richards has so far managed to build 74 of the 92 stadia and enjoyed building Crawley Town's Broadfield Stadium.

He said: "The Crawley build wasn't too bad. I think the sloping red roof was the trickiest part.

"As a Cardiff City fan I enjoyed building their ground the most, but Wolves and Burnley I enjoyed doing as well.

"I've enjoyed doing them all to be honest. Number 92, which will be Swansea, will be the one I enjoy doing the least."

Richards' Lego grounds are available to buy by contacting him via email at