Crawley volunteers wanted to help advise on Ramadan fasting


South East Diabetes UK is recruiting for two new volunteering roles in Crawley.

They will give advice people with diabetes on how to fast safely during Ramadan.

A spokesman said: “Diabetes UK will be holding talks at local mosques ahead of Ramadan. We need one of the new volunteers to help us give advice at these talks to the local community so we can make sure people with diabetes and their families have the information they need to help them make an informed decision about whether to fast or not.

“We need the other volunteer to contribute to the Diabetes UK blogging site by sharing their experiences about how they themselves or a close family member cope with diabetes during this religious observance.”

The new volunteers will be invited along to a training session, where any questions can be answered, and they will be provided with presentations, information flyers and videos.

The spokesman added: Ramadan can be a difficult time for Muslims with diabetes, as many agonise over the decision about whether to fast. The main problem during the fast is that blood glucose levels can go either dangerously high or dangerously low. This is why Muslims with diabetes do not have to fast.

“Anyone who is thinking about fasting throughout Ramadan should talk to their healthcare professional and their Imam to come to a decision that is right for them.”

Call Diabetes UK South East Office on 01372 720 148 or