Anger as thief smashes into Horsham taxi

Smashed taxi window
Smashed taxi window

The owner of a popular Horsham taxi company has spoken of his anger after his vehicle was smashed into.

Paul Little, who runs Arrow Taxis, was more than £500 out of pocket after his taxi was targeted in the early hours of July 27.

Smashed taxi window

Smashed taxi window

The car was parked in Kennedy Road when Paul said he was woken by a loud bang just after 4am.

He said: “The dog started barking and I heard a bang that woke me up. Then I heard another bang.”

Paul looked out his bedroom window to see where the noise had come from and spotted a ‘man dressed in black with the hood up’ standing over his driver-side window.

“As I looked out he must have shattered the window with what must have been a hammer or something,” he said. “As soon as he smashed the window the alarm went off.

“He must have been there for quite a while because he tried to pry the window open with something.”

Not only was the window smashed but there was also damage around the outside of the door.

The thief ran off with the cash flow container which Paul had left in the side of the door.

“It’s very frustrating. I have never had problems before.

“It was the first morning in about a year I didn’t need to get up. It was a bit lucky for him but unlucky for me.”

He added: “It was lucky I didn’t have any early morning jobs because I wouldn’t have been able to get them covered.”

In total Paul said he lost more than £500 through repairs and not being able to work the following day.

“It’s just frustrating, £550 worth of damage just for him taking a £40 float. I would have rather he knocked on my door and said I’m short 40 quid. I would have handed it to him.”

Police are investigating the incident.

Anyone who saw what happened is asked to contact police online.