Crawley neighbourhood crime figures revealed - you have your say

Crawley people have responded to figures showing the Crawley neighbourhoods with the most reported crime.

The figures from November (the most recent available) have been published on the website. See full story here:



People voiced their views and concerns on our Facebook page:

Joyce Bailey said: “Bewbush [is] one of the lowest and people still don’t want to live there! I live in West Green and it’s awful! Sick of the drug use going on!”

Lisa Eagle added: “Crawley is getting like London, kids and vulnerable people aren’t safe anywhere these days.”

Karen Shopland said: “We lived in Furnace Green for over 20 yrs and loved it. Friendly, helpful neighbours etc. Then it became rampant with drugs, gangs and even a brothel near us in the flats. That’s why we moved out of Crawley.”

Sarah Hutchings said: “Me and my husband moved out of Crawley in 2017. I moved to Crawley with my Mum & sister in 2007 always felt safe until the last 5 years.

“It’s actually worse for crime than where I grew up in Mitcham, South London, and that’s the truth as still have friends who live that way.

“The crime in London is mainly gang crime which is between themselves. The part of Tilgate my Mum lives in is OK but some parts of Crawley feel so rough, it’s a shame to those who have lived there all their lives.”

Deborah Williams said: “[You] could look at it like people in Broadfield are sick of the crime and report it more longer turn blind eyes ...because let’s be honest it happens everywhere.”

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