Cyclist driven potty by potholes

COUNTY council attempts to fill in potholes in Manor Royal were ‘hardly worth the effort,’ claimed one of Crawley’s new councillors.

Cycling campaigner Cllr Peter Smith (Lab, Ifield) said the road surface was disintegrating, pot-marked and hazardous for cyclists despite repairs.

The Cycle Touring Club ‘Right to Ride’ campaigner has reported the potholes using a website set up for cyclists to report poor road surfaces.

He said: “The results of the repairs are such that it might have been better not to have done anything at all.

“Patches of tar sit alongside holes, seemingly at random. And the overall result is a pot-marked surface for some distance around this junction.

“Many of these holes are in the centre of the road and across a T-junction making it particularly unsafe for cyclists as there wheels are likely to get caught in the holes.

“It has taken West Sussex County Council four months to do this work and I am not really sure that the effort was worth it.

“The road surface is still disintegrating and hazardous for cyclists turning at the junction. And it is most likely that the repairs will fall out again very soon. Unless this section is repaired properly we will continue to experience problems at this junction.”

The potholes are on Crawley Business Quarter, opposite the Ford Garage.

Steve Sawyer, Manor Royal Business District manager, said: “The Manor Royal Business Group (MRBG) is aware of the variable quality of some parts of the highway in Manor Royal and these have been reported.

“We continue to work positively with West Sussex County Council and will be meeting with them to discuss this and a number of issues.

“As a group we would encourage feedback from businesses, employees and visitors to Manor Royal about where efforts need to focussed.

“This will help the work of the Business Group and allocation of the funding made available by the county council and any other funds that might be raised.”

A West Sussex County Council spokesman said: “We are due to meet with the Manor Royal Business Group.

“We want to know what plans they have for the business quarter with their £600,000 grant for the business ‘kick start programme’ and our asset managers will look to co-ordinate highway resurfacing programmes with them. In the meantime we are patching existing holes to keep it safe.”