Dad wins £60,000 Range Rover­


A father won a £60,000 Range Rover Sport after he won a spot the ball competition .

Pedro Duarte, 45, of Smallfield, cried after he won the car and £10,000 in cash on Tuesday (February 17).

Pedro said he became numb after he realised he won Best Of The Best’s weekly competition. He was presented with the car at his home in Carey’s Wood.

Pedro, originallyfrom Portugal, said: “I became emotional as well, I was ecstatic, I had a little cry to be honest.

“I’m incredibly grateful at the moment. I don’t even know what to think or what to feel.”

Pedro, who sells showerheads and hoses to NHS hospitals with his wife, said he would take her and their three children on a 1,300 mile road trip to Portugal this summer ‘to enjoy the car’.

He uses a modest Honda Jazz on a day-to-day basis and added: “It’s a fantastic little car but it’s no Range Rover.”

Pedro entered the competition on the internet at his home on Valentine’s Day.

He chose to pay an extra pound entry fee to get £10,000 if he won.

Participants guessed where a football should be on a still of a football game with the ball removed.

A ‘jury’ then played the game and decided his entry was closest.

Pedro laughed as he explained he was not a football fan.

He said: “I’m not a football fan, I’m a car fan and that’s why I play with this company.

“The cars they have on offer are some of the best cars.

“I chose that particular one because it’s a car that works well for the family.”

Pedro and his children, who were on half term break from Burstow Primary School, were at home when he won.

He was ‘on guard’ after the company informed him he had been entered into a five-way tie breaker the day before he got the good news.

He said: “I got very excited.

“It put me on my guard, thinking there’s a 20 per cent chance that I will be winning a car.”

The Duartes visit their relatives in Portugal most years.

Pedro said he would continue to enter the competition. He believed it had better chances of winning than the lottery and added: “It’s always good fun to play because it’s not just sticking some numbers on paper.”