Dream comes true for Crawley songwriter Alexx

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A student from Crawley, who has juggled her GCSEs and A-levels with her passion for songwriting will this summer have her dance track played in nightclubs across the UK.

‘Interrogation’ by St Wilfrid’s Catholic School student Alex Hill, has been recorded by Crawley based Rod Soltau of Damage Music Productions.

It will soon be released exclusively on the club scene and is being promoted by clubs including Koko and Ministry of Sound.

This is a common route into the music industry and is how international stars such as Rita Ora made her name.

Alex, whose stage name is Alexx, said: “Although I have been continuing with my studies I have also been writing lots of songs and working hard in the local studio in Crawley recording some of them. My latest track ‘Interrogation’ is the culmination of this work.

“I am really excited as this has been my dream since I can remember. From as young as four I have been performing in school plays and from the age of 11 have been performing a writing my own songs.

“I feel proud that they have used my original vocals in the remix and it really makes me want to dance. I can’t wait to hear it in the clubs and get reactions from other people.”

She was inspired to write the song by a song she heard on the radio and tells the story of guy who is cheating on his girlfriend. She has to interrogate him to find out the truth.

Having so far successfully followed her musical dream while doing well in her studies, she is all the more determined to carry on.

Alex has already won a place at Exeter University to study archaeology with forensic science, but it has been deferred until 2017 to allow her to concentrate on her signing and songwriting.

She said: “It is tough to make it big in this industry but having the support of Damage Music Productions and a lot of interest means I have a good chance.

“All I can say is that I will not stop until my songs are out there on the big radio stations and I am playing in big venues – to me belief is everything and it is the only thing I have ever wanted to do.”