Driver’s fury at lack of railway parking

Train workers have been accused of filling customer spaces in Three Bridges Railway Station’s car park by a ‘furious’ commuter.

Freya Robinson said the in-demand car park was often full before 8am due to Network Rail employees using the customer parking area.

Daily parking fees cost £5.80. Freya claimed Network Rail workers did not pay the charge and instead left a hi-vis jacket over steering wheels to show they were rail workers and avoid fines.

Miss Robinson, 21, said: “Every day the commuter car park at Three Bridges has at least 40 spaces taken up by Network Rail employees who park in spaces we pay a lot of money for, put their fluorescent jacket over the steering wheel, don’t buy a ticket and get away with it.

“If you don’t park at Three Bridges before 8am you can guarantee you will not be getting a space.

“This is infuriating because if I don’t need to be in London as early as normal I still have to get to the station early because I know I wont get a space after 8.”

Miss Robinson works for a recruitment company in London and catches the train from Three Bridges every weekday.

She lives in Horsham but said it is easier to drive to Three Bridges for the shorter train journey.

She added that Network Rail had a company car park situated further away from the station, but still use the commuters’ car park.

She said: “It is so unfair on people using the car park for commuting.

“More people are starting to say ‘actually, that has happened to me’.

“When I come home in the afternoon or evening, whilst anyone who didn’t buy a ticket has a nice parking invoice taped to their windows, their unticketed cars have been left with no invoice, no ticket, no fine. I am furious.”

Miss Robinson contacted Network Rail, and although the company apologised, she described the response as ‘shameful’.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “Neither our staff or contractors should be using the customer car park at Three Bridges before midday, and we are sorry to hear that this has prevented any rail passengers from parking here.

“We have issued a reminder to all those working on site, and will work with Southern and their parking contractors, Meteor, to ensure the restrictions are observed.”