A-levels: Joy as Holy Trinity celebrates another excellent year

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There were plenty of smiling faces as Holy Trinity celebrated another excellent year of A-level results.

The Church of England School, in Buckswood Drive, saw more than a quarter of its students achieve at least one A* or A grade or equivalent, while over half achieved at least one A* to B.

In total a fifth of all the school’s grades were A*/A or equivalent.

Headteacher, Rev Chrissie Millwood, said: “I am delighted that our students have achieved so well this summer and have met the high expectations that we had of them.

“I am extremely proud of the students who have worked very hard to achieve these outcomes, and am excited about the next steps that they will now be taking with many progressing to university and other opportunities.

“I would also like to place on the record how proud I am of all the teachers and support staff whose dedication and skill has enabled these students to enjoy this success.”

Alice Rose was one of the top achievers at the school with an A*, two As and a B.

The 18-year-old was ecstatic after passing business studies which she thought she had failed.

She said: “I am so happy. I was just so happy to pass business as well as all the others, I was not expecting that at all.”

She is now hoping to go on and do a sponsored degree in supply chain management at Unilever.

Katie Hamilton was overjoyed with her results. The 18-year-old got the grades to allow her to go on and study midwifery at university.

She said: “It went well and I am really really happy. I got better than what I thought I was going to get and got into the university I wanted to.

“It’s really hard to get into midwifery as an 18-year-old so I am really happy.”

Despite not getting all the results he wanted George Smith, 18, got the grades to allow him to start an apprenticeship in electrical engineering next month.

He said: “I would have preferred better but with what I have got I am happy with them.”

Ellis Wilson got the grades to get into his first choice university and is set to go and study paramedic science.

“It’s nice to finally get there at the end of the year,” he said. “It’s been a long summer holiday but I am really happy.”

Isma Saeed was another top achiever with two A*s and an A.

She said: “They were more than I was hoping for. I am very pleased.”

Sibrah Bukhari also got the grades to get into university.

She said: “I am really really excited, they were what I was hoping for.”

Rev Millwood added: “We wish all our students every success and happiness in the next phase of their education and career choice.”