ELECTIONS: Control of Crawley Borough Council hangs in the balance


Crawley Borough Council’s Labour group goes into next month’s elections defending one of the smallest minorities in the country where a third of seats will be contested.


Marion Ayling, Labour

Bewbush is my home and I work at the local school. I’ve always stood up for Bewbush, both as a councillor and as a member of groups such as Talk Bewbush, participating in successful campaigns on issues like saving our local play areas and getting more affordable housing for local people.

Andrew Belben, Conservative

I have lived in Crawley since 1969. I am married to Tina and we have two grown-up children. Bewbush has only ever had Labour councillors and that can risk complacency and being taken for granted. I believe that a positive change with fresh ideas would be good for the neighbourhood.

Chris Brown, UKIP

Martin Kail, Green Party

I’ve lived in Crawley since 1981, and I’ve seen the problems the people of the town face first hand. A vote for me is a vote for sustainable, affordable, green, forward looking ideas. A vote for me will be a vote for the people of Bewbush.

Arshad Khan, Justice Party

Sarah Smith, Lib Dem

I live in Bewbush with my husband and young son. I feel community action can improve Bewbush in so many ways, in partnership with the council. Speeding and parking problems could be eased, for instance. Councillors need to be in touch with residents all year, not just at election time.

Broadfield North

Irshad Jalaldeen, Conservative

I live in Broadfield and work as an accounts assistant for a company based in Crawley. I enjoy meeting people and am keen to make Broadfield an even better place to live for everyone. If elected as our local councillor, I will put Broadfield first in everything that I do.

Brian Quinn, Labour

I hope my constituents would say I’ve worked extremely hard over the last 18 years. I’ve always made the interests of Broadfield residents my top priority and put the needs of the neighbourhood above other considerations.

If I’m re-elected I will continue to campaign on behalf of all local residents.

Broadfield South

Charlotte Franco, Green Party

I’ve always loved living in a town surrounded by nature and wonderful countryside. I’ve recently become more worried that the remaining green spaces will be built on and spoiled. I’m standing for the Green Party, because we are the only party that will stand up for our natural environment.

Charles Petts, Conservative

I have been involved with organisations such as Streetlight and Christians against Poverty. I’m an active member of a local church and having previously run my own businesses, I am passionate about supporting small business and employment opportunities. I am keen to use my experience for the benefit of Broadfield.

Tahira Rana, Labour Party

I’ve been working with councillors to address issues ranging from the compost stench to the local housing situation, while trying to meet as many residents as possible to hear what they want for the


If elected I’ll work to secure the further neighbourhood improvements residents want for their ward.

Gossops Green

Chris Mullins, Labour

I’m proud to have represented Gossops Green over the years and of improvements secured in that time, but many more are needed. If re-elected, I’ll continue to fight for the neighbourhood and champion leisure and culture, having personally helped deliver many of Crawley’s most beloved facilities whilst on the council.

Philip Norville, Conservative

I have lived in Crawley for over 20 years and have seen many improvements. I am committed to ensuring that Gossops Green remains a great place to live. Encouraging the creation of more skilled jobs for our local workforce and better engagement with the community are areas we can improve.

Neil Setford-Thompson, UKIP


George Bird, UKIP

Andrew Jagger, Conservative

I live in Ifield with my wife and two children. We are regular members of St Margaret’s Church. I work for a firm that provides solutions for both businesses and individuals in financial distress. If elected, I will form an effective and dedicated local Ifield team with Cllr Martin Stone.

Richard Kail, Green Party

I believe The Green Party are the only party that will face the real issues that Crawley faces.

A vote for me is a vote for affordable housing, real solutions for the homeless, encouraging green energy and businesses into Crawley, and saying no to a second runway at Gatwick.

Mike Sargent, Lib Dem

I have spent most of my career working in Crawley as a flight simulation engineer. I believe Crawley’s housing crisis demands the former Ifield College site be used for housing, with 40% affordable.

Residents’ concerns over traffic management, and requests for tree planting and landscaping for screening, should be heeded.

Peter Smith, Labour and Co-operative

I’ve worked hard for Ifield and Ifield West, stopping the Tories from developing on playing-fields, securing protection for Ifield Brook Meadows, improving Dobbins Pond and helping to found ‘Talk Ifield’. If re-elected I will continue to work hard on issues like parking, tree maintenance, fly-tipping, and protecting Ifield’s green spaces.

Langley Green

Rudi Affolter, Green Party

The mainstream parties have nothing to offer being basically the same in their policies and actions.

They look to the present with no sense of the future. We need radical change to build an egalitarian society and save the planet from war and environmental destruction. That means choosing Green.

Kevin Hall, Conservative

I have been a proud resident of Langley Green for over twenty years.I enjoy fishing and getting out into Crawley’s beautiful surrounding countryside. I want to improve residential parking and dog fouling issues, promote business start-ups through lower business rates and encourage new manufacturing companies into Manor Royal.

Sharon Kennett, UKIP

Marko Scepanovic, Lib Dem

Having graduated with a law degree in 2015, I’m currently doing postgraduate training to become a lawyer. Crawley deserves a council which supports its residents. Rather than play the political blame game, I shall work within communities to improve mental health awareness, democratic participation, and ensure everyone feels welcome.

Brenda Smith, Labour

Over the years I’ve helped secure Langley Green a new primary school and community centre, a better youth club building and an improved parade. After 30 years as a councillor and Langley Green resident I have the same passion for representing my residents and getting the best for our neighbourhood.


Danielle Kail, Green Party

I’m a mother of two, who knows the struggle of finding housing in Crawley. I also want to make sure my children have green spaces to enjoy now and when they grow up. The Green Party are the vote for the future. I stand up for our local schools, our local environment, and affordable housing.

Duncan Peck, Conservative

I was elected as a Maidenbower councillor in 2012 and if re-elected, I can continue to work with residents, our MP and fellow councillors in dealing with local concerns. From anti-social behaviour to traffic problems, when an issue arises, I will always do my best in trying to resolve it.

Akram Rana, Labour

If elected, I’ll ensure Maidenbower is properly represented, holding regular surgeries to help residents with any problems. Having lived in Crawley for most of my life and been a barrister for the

last 19 years, I know the issues facing our town well and I’m well-placed to represent local residents.

Pound Hill North

Tina Belben, Conservative

I am married to Andrew and we have lived in Pound Hill for 20 years. I work part-time as a chartered accountant as well as enjoying helping at our children’s’ old local school and church. If elected I want to ensure that Pound Hill remains a pleasant place to live.

Tony Patel, Labour

I’ve lived in Crawley for over 40 years, raising a family here. Having retired I’m keen to help secure improvements for my local community. As a Pound Hill resident I know the neighbourhood well and having worked at the council I understand what needs to be done to deliver locally.

Valerie Spooner, Lib Dem

I work as a housing officer for RNIB, solving housing problems for people with visual impairments. I would use my knowledge to help struggling residents. I will always listen to residents and seek to address their concerns, such as the continuing parking problems in the vicinity of Three Bridges Station.

Pound Hill South and Worth

Daniel Elliott, Green Party

I grew up in Pound Hill, and am still proud to call it my home. I want to give the people of my area the voice they deserve in Crawley. We have so much potential for Green ideas and it’s about time we, as a town came together.

Colin Flack, Labour

I’ve lived in Pound Hill for over 20 years and know it well. Speaking with residents, many feel our existing councillors are more interested in being county’s voice in Crawley, rather than representing our neighbourhood. If elected I promise to focus my attention exclusively on Pound Hill South and Worth.

Bob Lanzer, Conservative

I have lived in Pound Hill South and Worth for many years. As an active councillor, I have provided effective representation for constituents, resolving many issues and securing improvements for our neighbourhood. I want us to receive our fair share of council investment and to protect our community’s pleasant environment.


Alison Berridge, Conservative

I live near Goffs Park with my fiancé and work for a not-for-profit pensions company in Manor Royal. I am keen to improve our local healthcare and am a shadow governor at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. With me, Southgate and local issues will always come before party politics.

Kevin Osborne, Lib Dem

I was born in Crawley, have lived here for 50 years and work in the railway industry. I am proud of the vibrant nature of our town and its diverse people. I would strive to enhance Crawley’s status as a vital hub for Gatwick Airport and centre of industrial excellence.

Mike Pickett, Labour

I’ve lived in Southgate for over 30 years, been the chairman of the local forum and the Southgate Conservation Area Advisory Committee and briefly a councillor. I kicked off a number of improvement projects for Southgate whilst on the council and this year I’m running to help see them through.

Three Bridges

Brenda Burgess, Conservative

It has been my privilege to serve Three Bridges for twelve years. I have worked to bring forward controlled parking zones and improve neighbourhood parking. I am passionate that Three Bridges remains a great place to live. My next challenge? To endeavour to find an answer to grass verge parking.

Daryl Duncan-English, Labour

I’m passionate about Three Bridges, having previously been the councillor, governor at local schools and a founding member of ‘Save the Schools’. It’s where I grew up and have raised my own family. I’d love to once again stand up on Crawley Borough Council for the place I call home.

Colin Young, Lib Dem

As a councillor, I would work assiduously for the benefit of all residents of Crawley. We must ensure that public services are the best they can be, while protecting our local communities and environment. I’m a pilot working out of Gatwick, so I also understand the airport’s importance to Crawley.


Allan Griffiths, UKIP

Claire Griffiths, Conservative

I grew up in Tilgate and now live here with a family of my own. I am passionate about improving our area and will work constructively with residents to tackle issues such as neighbourhood parking, damaged grass verges and ensuring our green spaces are protected for future generations to enjoy.

Derek Hardman, Green Party

I will press for actions that reduce air pollution and dependence on car transport for our health. Also to diversify and be less reliant on Gatwick and foreign owned corporate business for employment. Furthermore, to urgently press for more social housing.

James Harper, Lib Dem

Having lived in Tilgate most of my life, I am currently studying Economics at university. I have previously campaigned for safe cycle routes within Tilgate. It is regrettable that younger residents are less likely to vote. I would therefore work hard to engage more young people in the democratic process.

Carlos Castro, Labour

Tilgate’s where I live. As co-chair of the forum I’ve worked to improve the quality of life in our neighbourhood on issues like parking, verges and road safety. As a councillor I’d continue to work hard for Tilgate and use every opportunity the role has to offer to deliver results.

West Green

David Anderson, Lib Dem

I have lived in West Green for many years. I have worked in the private and public sectors, in Crawley and internationally, as a financial consultant. Alongside addressing particular concerns of residents, I would focus on promoting improved road safety and bus services, and ensuring sustainable and appropriate housing development.

Ian Anguige, Conservative

I have lived in Crawley since 1988 and have been involved with the running of many voluntary and sporting organisations in the area. I will work hard for West Green, ensuring that local issues get priority. I will resist over-development and give residents a strong voice at the town hall.

Rory Fiveash, Labour

I have a strong sense of justice, fairness and commitment which I believe are solid foundations for being a local councillor. Since 2008 I have been successfully running my own business, in addition to being a school governor at a local secondary school and trustee of a preschool.

Carole Lauderdale, UKIP