Chickens destined for slaughter need a home

Can you give a hen a home?

Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 1:57 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 10:50 pm

A team of animal lovers is looking to find homes for hens destined for slaughter.

Tracy Walkey, a volunteer for Fresh Start for Hens, said: “We are a small part of a big team of volunteers that give up many hours for the love of chickens,

“We are volunteers for a none profit organisation called Fresh start for hens and are about to be part of one of the biggest rehomes we have ever done. 8,000 hen in two weekends.

“At only 72 weeks old these hen come to the end of their commercial egg laying and are destined for slaughter to make cheap chicken pies, dog/cat food and baby food, which is were we step with the farmers permission and rehome them,

“We have collection points up and down the country and it is very easy to reserve some of these girls, we ask for a voluntary donation of £2.50 per hen and a photo of your coup and run.”

The team will be in Crawley on October 6. For more information, visit: for more information.

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