Success of town’s festive recycling


Recycling collections over the festive period were a big success thanks to Crawley’s green-thinking residents and extra staff.

This Christmas, recycling across the town was left for no longer than the usual two weeks following a decision to increase resources through council contractors, Biffa Municipal.

Previous years have seen some residents waiting up to an extra week for their collections which has also resulted in contaminated REDtop bins which can’t be recycled and instead go to landfill.

The council says it wants to say a big thank you to residents for being conscientious recyclers over the Christmas break as none of the recycling trucks were rejected for containing too many incorrect materials across the whole holiday period.

Cllr Colin Lloyd, cabinet member for environmental services and sustainability, said: “We made the decision to lay-on more resources with Biffa last year so we could keep collections as frequent as usual. Longer waits between collections in previous years has meant that not only do people get understandably irritated considering all the recycling generated over Christmas, but we also end up with contamination problems which leads to whole truck loads being sent to landfill which is a real shame.

“We want to thank Biffa Municipal for working so hard to keep things moving so efficiently over the festive break but also to our residents for being such good recyclers.”

All collection dates went back to normal from 11 January and the council is urging households to keep recycling the right materials which includes paper, card, cartons, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and containers, metal cans, aerosols, foil and plastic pots, tubs and trays.