Ex-Chelsea player Jimmy Smith praised by Crawley boss Drummy

Skipper Jimmy Smith was praised by Dermot Drummy
Skipper Jimmy Smith was praised by Dermot Drummy

Crawley boss Drummy reckons his skipper Jimmy Smith always plays well

Smith scored the first hat-trick of his career on Tuesday night with three well-taken goals which earned Reds a valuable 3-2 win at Colchester.

The former Chelsea player achieved a 'Perfect hat-trick' as he scored the three goals with a header, right foot and left foot.
However the Reds boss denied that Smith's form had suddenly improved as he consistently plays well.
Drummy has known Smith for a long time, having previously worked together at Chelsea.

He said: "I don't think Jimmy's form's improved - I think he's been a consistent player.
"His goalscoring - because Conor Henderson's playing in a hole in the one has allowed Jimmy to play higher. He's timing his runs.
"It isn't just a tactical element which is allowing him to score, he's putting himself in positions and the finish for the second goal was sublime.
"He's put himself the area, I just think before he was chasing situations. We play a different style.
"I just think he's timing his runs, he's getting in vital areas, he knows also with Conor there the midfield balance is secure, which is what I've asked for.
"It is a combination of tactical and Jimmy's desire and good finishing and good ability."