GCSE results: Principal’s anger over grade boundary rise


The principal of Ifield Community College has warned GCSE results have been “damaged” due to a rise in the mark needed for students to have earned a C in maths.

Rob Corbett spoke as pupils arrived at the college this morning (August 20) to pick up their results.

While a rise in maths results had been forecast, he said they had been static, which will prove a huge disappointment to students.

Mr Corbett explained the boundary for a C grade had been raised by an exam board, making it harder for students to achieve a top result.

A similar issue hit the headlines in 2012 when the grade boundaries for English was raised, leaving many students with a poorer result than expected.

Mr Corbett said: “I’m disappointed. I think for that group of young people, if we had another year like 2012 where there has been a big change from the exam boards and it affects young people’s futures, then I think that’s frankly immoral.

“The impact has been seen in ICC and I know that other schools locally have had an impact as well.”